Exact Online New Features

Exact Online Spring 2022 New Features

We are excited to announce the Exact Online New Features for Spring 2022.


Sales Orders – print picking list direct from the Sales Order

Exact Online New Features

Maintain purchase price lists by period

You can now maintain purchase price lists by period for all your suppliers and items. Also, when you add a new purchase price for an item, Exact Online will now use this as the default active purchase price and the Active to field for the previous purchase price is auto filled with the date of the day before the new purchase price was added.

You can now find purchase price lists that provide an overview of the purchase prices for all of a supplier’s items on a single page

Exact Onlin New Features


Inventory Management App supporting Android Scanners

The Exact Inventory Management app ensures that your inventory is always up-to-date. The app now also supports Zebra TS21/26 Android scanners. To scan a barcode in the app, simply press the scan button on the scanner. The built-in infrared barcode scanner recognises the barcode much faster, even in low light conditions. This means you are no longer dependent on your mobile phone camera.

You can now view items in the Inventory Management app. This gives you an overview of an item’s current stock level. When you open an item, you will also see the stock level per location as well as adapt the data (e.g. default location and barcode). We have also made adjusting locations more intuitive and improved stability and consistency

Inventory Management App is only available with the Premium version of Wholesale Distribution



Weekly Invoice period now available for subscriptions – requires the Subscription Module

There is also an option to temporarily suspend a subscription – Pause subscription – choose number of weeks