Sage Data Service

Sage Data Service

One of our most frequently asked questions is about the Sage Data service. Our clients boot up their pcs in the morning or restart after windows updates and find that they cannot login to their Sage 50 companies.

The first indication that some thing is wrong is in the company selection window.

The column indicating the version number is showing an invalid version eg.


Sage Data ServiceWhen you select your company and press Enter on your keyboard or click on “Open Company” you get the following error…

Sage Data Service





When you click on “OK”, the program simply closes. What to do next?

We need to restart the services on the pc.

Click on your start button and type in “Services”.

A new window opens up. Scroll down to the Sage services or hit the letter “S” on your keyboard to jump down.

Sage Data Service






Highlight the services for your version of Sage one by one. You should see both a Control service and an Accounts service. Click on Start the service on the left hand side to start each service.

Having restarted the Sage Data Service, you should now be able to login to Sage 50 accounts successfully.

For more in depth information on using the Sage 50 Data Service Manager go here.