Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours 2018/9

Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours

We are ready to announce our Christmas Opening Hours. Our office will close for the holidays at 5.30pm on Friday December 21st. and re-open on Wednesday January 2nd 2019 at 9am.

Payroll Year End

For Payroll Year End support, please consult the Sage website for details of their Christmas support service.


We wish all our customers a happy and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

This year we are making a donation to The Alzheimer Society of Sligo in lieu of sending out Christmas cards.

Paye Modernisation

Prepare for PAYE Modernisation

Paye Modernisation

PAYE Modernisation Preparation

What is PAYE Modernisation?

Coming into effect on the 1st January 2019, PAYE Modernisation
will significantly change the reporting of PAYE and will affect every employer and employee in Ireland.

Every time an employer runs their payroll, they will be required under law to report pay and deductions for each employee, instead of once a year as has been the case since the introduction of PAYE in 1960’s.
Reporting forms well known to employers such as P30, P35 and P45 will no longer be in use in 2019.

In addition to reporting pay and tax deductions, employers will report details on new employees prior to their first pay day as well as details on those leaving employment.

Will it change how I calculate PAYE?

The calculation of PAYE is not changing, employers will simply have to report it more regularly than before. It is a similar idea or system to that in the UK – RTI (Real Time Information) – where employers must file electronically the returns on each payroll run. 

Why are Revenue introducing this change?

Having up-to-date information will permit Revenue to give accurate and efficient instructions to businesses. This will also result in more accurate tax payments, meaning less under or overpayments of tax.

The belief is that PAYE Modernisation will eventually streamline reporting to Revenue and make PAYE submissions more efficient. It should also reduce the administrative burden that the current system creates for businesses.

Sage Payroll and PAYE Modernisation

Sage Payroll is a Software system that is recognised by Revenue and complies with the latest payroll legislation.

How do I check my Sage Payroll data is ready for PAYE Modernisation?

  1. Check your Sage Payroll software is up to date
  2. Check company information
  3. Validate your Payroll
  4. Record Tax Advisor Identification Number (TAIN) if applicable
  5. Check employee records
  6. Submit employees list to ROS

For More information on PAYE Modernisation

Call Malcolm on (071) 9146815 or Email

Making Tax Digital with Sage 50cloud Accounts

Do you have a business registered in the UK? If so, you need to know about the new rules coming in Spring 2019 related to VAT returns.

The UK government is modernising their tax system in a plan called Making Tax Digital (MTD). They are changing the way VAT registered businesses create and submit VAT Returns.

What’s changing?

The changes will be implemented from April 2019. Businesses with a taxable turnover over the VAT threshold £85,000 will have to file their VAT returns electronically. This will be done using accounting software. Businesses must keep digital records of transactions.

Most businesses will no longer be able to manually submit VAT returns through the HMRC gateway.

What does it mean for my business?

If your business is affected, these rules apply from 1 April 2019, and you must:

  • Ensure your software is compliant with MTD for VAT
  • Start maintaining digital business records for VAT purposes
  • Sign up with HMRC for MTD for VAT
  • Start submitting your VAT Return through your software

What do I need to do?

The good news is that if you currently subscribe to Sage 50cloud Accounts and have v24.2 or above installed, your software is MTD ready.

If you are still using Sage 50 Accounts, it’s easy to switch to Sage 50cloud Accounts.


Does Making Tax Digital for VAT affect my business?

The changes under the Making Tax Digital for VAT scheme are compulsory for businesses that:

  • Are VAT registered in the UK,


  • Have a taxable turnover of more than the VAT registration threshold (currently £85,000)

You still need to sign up with HMRC and submit returns under MTD even if you already submit returns online from your Sage software or via HRMC online services.


How do I know if my version of Sage is compliant?

If you’re not sure which software version you have, to find out if you’re using Sage 50cloud Accounts:

  1. Open Sage 50. Click Help on the menu bar and then, About.
  2. See your Version Number under Program Details.


For More information on Sage 50cloud Accounts

Call Malcolm on (071) 9146815 or Email


Shop Manager Dashboard coming to Exact Online

The Shop Manager dashboard is coming soon to Exact Online. It is an area in Exact Online for Manufacturing which will show you who is working in which work centre and status of shop orders. It is very beneficial to the shop manager who can now see if the required shop orders are being completed and which work centres are being used. They also gain insight into their progress, time wise – do we have much left to complete? Are we nearly finished?

Have you tried Smart Shop Floor yet?

The data bases itself on the Smart Shop Floor app that employees use to clock in and out on an operation/work centre. Exact Online plans to make the APIs for clocking in and out available for connectivity with machines and other software apps also.

You might not have been aware that each subscription comes with one free Smart Shop Floor user. So you can try out the Shop manager dashboard first without having to add extra users to your subscription.


View by work centres

There are two ‘view modes’ in the Shop manager dashboard: by work centres and by employees. View by work centres will show you which work centres are currently being worked in, by whom and in which order. You can also see the progress (Time elapsed and Time remaining). Using the filter on the right of the screen, select a production area or a number of work centres:


View by employees

When in view by employees mode, you will see which employees are currently working, in which work centre, and in which order. You will also see the progress (Time elapsed and Time remaining). Use the filter on the right of the screen to select a number of employees:




Contact James today to learn about the benefits Exact Online can bring to your business.

Customer Payments through Outlook

Make it easier for your customers to pay you. It’s now possible for customers to pay you using a payment option through with Sage 50c Accounts v25.

How does it work?

Any of your customers that use will see a payment option in the email when you send their invoice.

Your customer can click on Review & Pay and a side bar will open where they can pay you right then using Microsoft Pay.

For customers who don’t use, a ‘Pay Now’ button will still appear on the invoice attachment contained in the email.


How do I set up Outlook payments?

  1. To use this feature you must set up Invoice Payments.
  2. If you’re not already emailing documents from Sage 50cloud Accounts, you need to enter your email settings.
  3. Click Customers on the navigation bar.
  4. Make sure that in each relevant customer record, Email1 contains the customer’s email address.

Send invoice by email

To show a payment button on the body of the invoice, use one of the Sage 50cloud Accounts v25 standard invoice layouts.

  1. Click Invoice and credits. Choose the invoice you want to send.
  2. Click Print, then Layouts, and select one of the following default layouts:
    • E-Mail Invoice (Euro) – With Sage Invoice Payments or Sage Pay
    • E-Mail Invoice (Euro) (Tax Breakdown) – With Sage Invoice Payments or Sage Pay
  3. Click Email to email the invoice to your customer.

If necessary, it is possible to edit the standard layouts and customise them for your own business needs.


For More information on Sage 50c Accounts v25

Call Malcolm on (071) 9146815 or Email


Premium edition of Exact Online for Manufacturing

Exact Online for Manufacturing Premium has been developed for small to medium repetitive manufactures who require advanced material planning. It makes up the third edition of Exact for Manufacturing: Standard, Advanced and now, Premium.

Let’s look at the purpose and content of Premium.


Who is Exact for Manufacturing Premium for?

Repetitive manufacturers. Those who create shop orders from sales orders or sales forecasts using the bill of materials and the (current) in-stock quantities.

With Premium, we can generate time phased shop orders (for example: this week’s, next week’s). Also, we can base our shop order generation (and even purchase order generation) on sales forecasts. Furthermore, if we want to produce in a configure to order model, it is possible to build components to stock based on a Master Production Schedule, while building customised end-products to order.

Repetitive manufacturers often need to make efficient use of warehouse space. With Premium, keep the same item in different storage locations.  This makes efficient use of space easier. So does the ability to store and retrieve items of a particular serial/batch number in order to pick by expiry date. Multiple storage locations per item is also supported in the REST API – this makes it easy for businesses who offer warehouse scanning applications to connect to the their Exact Premium data. Users of the Smart Shop Floor app connected to an Exact for Manufacturing Premium subscription can issue and receive items from and to any of their storage locations, including serial/batch items.

Lastly, as repetitive manufacturers often have more governance structure in their organization, they might want to implement approval steps for quotations and sales orders. Meaning that applied pricing, committed quantities and delivery dates must be validated by a designated person in the company.


Release overview

Exact for Manufacturing Premium includes all features of Manufacturing Advanced and all of Exact for Wholesale Distribution Premium. The extra functionalities of Manufacturing Premium are:

  • Multiple storage locations per item
  • Sales forecasting and Master Production Scheduling
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Quotation and sales order approvals


In addition, the Smart Shop Floor app can issue material from inventory to shop orders from a chosen storage location, and receive products and by-products from shop orders to inventory on a chosen storage location.


Multiple storage locations per item

Each inventory item is stored on one or more storage locations, provided that the used warehouse is using storage locations.



Exact for Manufacturing Premium



Sales forecasting and Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

  • Enter weekly/monthly sales forecasts
  • Generate sales forecasts from delivery history
  • Enter weekly/monthly Master Production Schedules used in the MRP calculation


Exact Manufacturing Premium


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • Maintain safety stock per item/warehouse, purchase lead time and minimum purchase quantity per item/supplier
  • Calculate time-phased requirements for assembly orders and shop orders from gross requirements (orders and forecasts), calculate time-phase requirements for purchase orders from gross requirements (up to one level deep)
  • Release planned (purchase, assembly, shop) orders into open orders


Exact Manufacturing Premium


Quotation and sales order approvals

Assign rights to users to approve quotations and sales orders. Prevent unapproved quotations and sales orders from progressing to printing/confirming.


Contact James today to learn about the benefits Exact Online can bring to your business.


As the conversion from one accounting system to another is a major undertaking, the project should be planned well in advance. Factors you should consider are:

  1. What data are you going to convert?
  2. Timing – what date to go live in the new system
  3. State of the current data – is it up to date, reconciled and all payments on customer/supplier records allocated?
  4. Training required on Sage 50 – which staff and when?
  5. What document layouts do you require (POs, invoices etc)?

When moving data from TAS Books to Sage 50 Accounts, you can bring over the following information to Sage 50:

  • Customer Records
  • Supplier Records
  • Products with the Sales and Cost Price
  • Customer Opening Balances by Invoice Number
  • Supplier Opening Balances by Invoice Number
  • Stock Quantities.

You should ideally carry out the conversion at the beginning of a new financial year or if this is not possible at start of a new VAT period.
Besides that, Transaction History of the accounts cannot be brought over, only the current Opening balances.


What are the benefits of this approach to conversion?

Firstly, tidying up of the Customer, Supplier and Product records.  This means that all old accounts with a zero balance that you won’t use in the future, you can exclude at the time of conversion.

Secondly, you can import Foreign Currency balances with their original currency values.

Thirdly, an opportunity arises to re-design the nominal code structure, therefore resulting in meaningful management information and the production of periodic Management Accounts.


For more information on this approach to TAS Books Data conversion
Contact Malcolm or James

Tel: 071 9146815




Reverse a bank rec with Sage 50 Accounts v25

Sage 50 Accounts v25 has arrived, bringing us some great new features. One of these is the ability to undo previous bank reconciliations (that were also originally processed in Sage 50 Accounts v25).

How do I enable the feature?

To enable the reverse bank reconciliation feature:

  • Install/update to Sage 50 Accounts v25
  • Ensure your Sage 50cloud Accounts licence is valid, to check:
    1. Click Help then click About.
    2. Under Sage 50c Microsoft Office 365 Integration check if ‘Entitled’ says Yes.

What happens when you reverse a reconciliation

When you reverse a bank reconciliation the corresponding transactions are marked as unreconciled and the bank rec date is removed.

If you reverse a bank reconciliation that has any subsequent reconciliations, you also reverse those reconciliations.

Reverse a bank reconciliation

  1. Go to Bank accounts and select the required bank account.
  2. Click Reconcile then click Reverse a reconciliation.
  3. Choose the relevant reconciliation then click Reverse reconciliation.
  4. Click Yes then complete the backup process.
  5. Again, click Yes to confirm bank reconciliation reversal.

Watch how in this video:

For More Information on Sage 50 Accounts v25

Call: Malcolm  (071) 914 6815

What’s new in Sage Payroll v21.2?

sage payroll

Sage Payroll v21.2 is here, have you updated yet? V21.2 comes with new functions to help you prepare for PAYE Modernisation:

  • Register your payrolls to use the Sage Online Services to ROS.
  • Specify employees’ country of residence within their records.


What other features does v21.2 include?

Sage Payroll v21.2 also includes the following features:

  • Generate an employee list for PAYE Modernisation when you are contacted by the Revenue to submit one.
  • Validate Payroll Data feature– this checks your software for data older than six years which should be removed under the GDPR and provides guidance on what to do with such data.
  • Fields to record Employment IDs.
  • Cater for employees with PAYE exclusion orders.
  • Flag status for proprietary and non-proprietary directors.
  • PRSI Exemption option so you can exclude employees from PRSI calculations, if required.
  • Tax agents are able to record their Tax Advisor Identification Number (TAIN).
  • Flags that indicate if staff are on a shadow payroll.
  • Changes to the Re-Instate Leaver utility.


Micropay changes to Sage Payroll

For anyone upgrading from Sage Micropay v21.0, Sage Payroll is the new name for this software.


For More Information on Sage Payroll v21.2
Call: Malcolm  (071) 914 6815

Sage v25

Time to Upgrade to Sage v25

The latest edition of Sage 50Cloud Accounts, Sage v25 has just been released. Sage 50Cloud Accounts Software is continuously improving because Sage are always listening to customers and improving in order to bring you the best software your business deserves now, with the features you have asked for.

Synergy Network Ltd has been an accredited Sage 50 Accounts Business Partner for over 22 years now. We are very excited by the new version of Sage 50 Cloud Accounts v25 and the potential that it offers your company.

Some of the excellent new features include:

UNDO bank reconciliation

Sage v25

With Sage 50cloud Accounts you can now easily undo previous bank reconciliations in a couple of clicks. Handy if something’s changed since your last reconciliation.


Back up while other users are logged in

With Sage 50cloud Accounts there’s no more waiting for others to log out before you create a backup. As a result, you increase your productivity with this new flexible feature.


Bank Feeds Improvements

Bank Feeds is now even easier to set up, and with Sage v25 it is now simple to edit your Bank Feeds rules


Sage Capture Approvals

The Sage Capture mobile app is now even better with a new approvals option, giving you control of what’s posted to your accounts.


Pay now buttons on emails

Make it easy for customers to pay you by adding a pay now button directly onto your invoice emails.


For More Information on sage 50Cloud Accounts v25
Call Malcolm  (071) 914 6815 Or e-mail