Sage v28.1 Open Multiple companies

Sage v28.1 Open multiple companies

Do you run multiple companies in Sage? Have you ever wished that you could work in more that one company at a time, comparing reports etc?

Well now you can – in Sage v28.1 you can open more than one company at a time. The only limit is the amount of memory available on your pc.

Sage v28.1 – How to open multiple companies

When you choose File->Open->Open Company Data, the current company still closes and a new company opens, just like in previous versions. In Sage v28.1, to open multiple companies, you need to open the Sage program again (via the icon on your desktop or the start button).

Choose a different company to logon to and a second instance of the Sage program will run on your pc. You can alternate between the programs via your system tray (just hover over the green icon) as pictured. Alternatively you can resize the windows and view the companies side by side.

Another option is to purchase a second monitor!

If by accident you try and login to the same company twice, you will be notified  that you are already logged in.

Sage v28.1 new features

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