Sage v28.1 Remember Logon Details

Sage v28.1 Remember login details

In the third blog of this series featuring the new features of Sage v28.1 we are looking at how to remember login details.

Do you tire of having to remember in your logon details every time you use Sage on your own pc?

In Sage v28.1 there is now a handy tick box to remember login details underneath where you type in your username and password. Just tick this box and the next time you run Sage Accounts you will go directly to the program saving time.

Remember that the password is stored on a company basis. If you have multiple companies you will need to tick the box at login for each company.

How secure is this? Well we recommend that you only use this feature on your own pc. The passwords are associated with the Windows user so if someone else uses your pc and is using your windows account they will have access to your Sage login.

If you want to delete your stored passwords just go to Settings->User Management->Delete stored logon details