COMING SOON in Sage v24

COMING SOON in Sage v24

Sage v24

Sage 50c Accounts Software is constantly improving because Sage is always listening to customers in order to bring you the best software your business deserves now.  With the release of Sage v24 you get the features you deserve, the way you want them.

We in Synergy Network have been accredited Sage Business Partners for over 20 years now. We are very excited by the new version of Sage v24 that is due to be released next month.

Some of the excellent new features coming soon include:

Bank Feed Rules

Building on the excellent Bank feeds feature in Sage 50 accounts  v23, you now can apply transaction information and instruction rules to the information coming in from the bank and have this post automatically to data.

  • Reduces manual data entry
  • Reduces Time Spent on Bank Reconciliation

Go Cardless

Go Cardless integration allows customers to set up direct debit with their customers so they can get paid faster

  • Get paid on time, every time
  • Lower costs than other payment collections

Hiding Records

You can now hide Inactive Bank Accounts and Inactive Nominal records.
This was the number 1 most requested idea from end Users

  • Makes Navigating the software easier
  • Easily switch between inactive records being viewed or not

Exclude Suppliers

Exclude suppliers from a payment run that are set up as Direct Debit.
This was the number 2 most requested idea from end Users

  • Save Time not manually removing suppliers from payment file
  • Process payment with peace of mind all the suppliers are accounted for

For More Information on Sage v24
Call Malcolm Mc Donagh (071) 914 6815



Online Accounts – Sage One up and running

Online Accounts – Sage One up and running

Our first Sage One client, Lily Murphy, t/a Blue Heron Coaching is up and running with her accounts on Sage One. The whole process was straightforward according to Lily, who now has access to her accounts system no matter where she is.

As Lily travels a lot, she likes to keep track of her accounts without being in the office. With Sage One she can email invoices, run her Profit and Loss account, and see who owes her money whenever she likes.

Lily’s not a big fan of financial administration, but finds that compared to other accounts systems she has used, Sage One is easy to navigate and understand. She can enter transactions easily and run clear and accurate reports.  Contact Lily at for Executive Coaching and Synergy Network for Sage Accounts systems both on-premise and online.

Sage 50 version 2015 is on the way

We recently previewed the Sage 2015 version of Sage 50 and were suitably impressed and excited. This version is a major release which increases the volume of data which can be held in Sage 50, has an improved user interface, can schedule automatic backups and will be available to remote users.

The launch date is August 2014 and any customer purchasing Sage 50 in July will be able to avail of a free upgrade to Sage 2015. Contact us on (071) 9146815 to discuss your requirements.

Sage 50 Accounts 2014: VAT Edition

One of our favourite new features of the latest Sage 50 Accounts offering, Sage 50 2014, is the ability to run Foreign Trader with VAT Cash Accounting option switched on.

In the past, clients of ours who needed Foreign Trader switched on in their accounting software were forced to run special customised reports (created by Synergy Network Support Team) in order to submit the correct VAT Returns.

Sage 50 2014 allows us for the first time to run the two options alongside each other.

If you are thinking of upgrading to Sage 50 Accounts 2014 to avail of its excellent new features, please contact or phone (071) 9146815.

Sage 50 2014

Sage 50 2014

Sage 50 2012 and ACT 2012

Sage 50 2012 and ACT 2012

We have just tested the integration of the latest versions of Sage 50 and ACT! and were pleased with the following results:

  • You can import all your products from Sage 50 into ACT to use for tracking your sales opportunities;
  • You can create a Sales quotation automatically from the products listed on your opportunity;
  • When the customer proceeds with the order you can push the Sales Order into Sage 50 from the information listed on the opportunity without any rekeying;
  • You can also see up to date customer account financial information within ACT, for example customer balance and invoices outstanding;

In conclusion, the level of integration between Sage 50 and ACT is impressive and should lead to better sharing of information for businesses using both these systems.

If you are interested in purchasing either Sage 50 or ACT! or if you have any questions relating to Sage 50 ACT! integration, please contact James  on (071) 9146815.

Sage 50 Accounts 2012

Sage 50 accounts 2012 has just been released and the product brochure is available to download from here.

All clients on upgrade cover should shortly receive their new software in the post. If you are interested in purchasing or upgrading to Sage 50 Accounts 2012, please contact Malcolm or phone him on 071 9146815.

Sage Micropay V11 released

The latest version of Sage Micropay Payroll has  just been released with a host of new features including…

  • Joint Labour Committee (JLC)  feature for the Retail sector which assists companies to manage and comply with JLC payment of wages requirements
  • Lite version which offers a cost friendly version of Micropay with many of the regular features but not all of the features of the full Professional version
  • Improved time sheet entry
  • Compatibility with Windows 7 file storage in terms of data and program separation


If you are interested in learning more about the latest version of Sage Micropay or other payroll options for your business, please contact James Doyle on 071 9146815 or email




Sage 2011 Released

The latest version of Sage Accounts, Sage 2011, has been released. Those of you on upgrade cover with us should shortly be receiving your installation disk in the post. Please ensure that you contact support before attempting to upgrade your software.

New features include…

  • One click emailing of invoices, Sales/Purchases Orders via a default layout
  • Better bank reconciliation with the ability to make payments/receipts without exiting the module
  • Improved journals include an ex-ref column to include extra information when entering
  • Departments are now included in customer/supplier line activity
  • Improved Citrix support

If you are interested in upgrading your Sage Accounts software, please contact Malcolm or James on 071 9146815 or email

New ACT! Sage Accounting Link

Hot off the press – a new and improved link between ACT! and Sage 50 Accounts has been announced. Yesterday, at lunchtime, Malcolm attended a webinar detailing the imminent release of a service pack for ACT! 2010. Many of our customers will be delighted at the announcement which will see them able to import more Sage details from ACT! – both customers and suppliers, have the ability to create invoices from ACT! opportunities and much more.

Please check back with Malcolm, , in early June to receive your ACT! 2010 Service Pack.

Sage HR Software

sage50hr2010People are the most important part of any business, so they are worth looking after. That means keeping the right records and having the right procedures in place. Sage HR software can help.

Sage 50 HR helps you manage your people by recording, storing and tracking key information on performance, training and working patterns all in one place and provides different access rights to ensure that information remains confidential.  The main features can be summarised as follows…

  • Employee details
  • Absence and work management
  • Performance management
  • Skills & Qualification Management
  • Salary & Job History
  • Document management
  • Integration with Sage Micropay Professional Payroll

Contact James for further information at 071 – 91 46815