Sage Payroll Year end

Sage Payroll Year end 2022

Sage Payroll Year end Processing
(The end of Payroll TAX Year 2022)

Processing the Payroll  Year end for 2022  (PYE)  in Sage Payroll has never been easier. You no longer have to submit P30, P35 and PRC1 Forms. You just install your Payroll Update, close  your old payroll tax year and start a new payroll tax year

There are 3 steps or stages in  the process to complete your payroll year  procedure, as follows…

Step1  Install your Payroll Year End Update (Out Now)

Sage Payroll Update for PYE22 is out now and can be downloaded from here

This update will install  Sage Payroll v25.3 for 2022 and Sage Payroll  v26.0 for 2023.

To ensure your Sage Payroll software is ready for the new TAX year, you must install your payroll update (when available)  Make sure you take a Full Backup of   Sage Payroll Data prior to install PYE Update  You can Perform a single Payroll backup, or you can back up all payrolls in your software Full system backup. When  the PYE Update is out, we will have more information concerning  the following details below

  • How to check your payroll version number
  • Downloading your Payroll PYE update
  • Install the update on to your PC

Step 2 Complete 2022 Payroll TAX Year

If you want to end 2022 Tax year in Sage Payroll, you must complete your final payroll as normal . You can then  carry out the following optional tasks that include

  • Check if there is any extra pay period
  • Print Year end Reports
  • Validate your Payroll Data
  • Check you are using the latest version


Other Housekeeping tasks that should be done at PYE time or at any time during the year to keep your payroll records in good order and especially when doing a payroll year end

  • Check your company information is right
  • Check employee details are correct
  • Check your pensions are set up correctly
  • Review the earnings TAX & PRSI (ETP) For each employee


Step 3 Get ready for the 2023 Payroll Tax year

Once your complete your payroll processing for 2022 tax year you will need to create the 2023 Payroll TAX year for each of your payrolls.
This involves:

  • Creating and Opening the 2023 Payroll TAX year
  • Set up new TAX Calendar
  • Set period 1 of the new TAX year
  • Enable CSO Reporting (Optional)
  • Assign ASC Settings to employees ( Optional )
  • Clear Fin Year end Balances
  • Validate your payroll data in 2022


If you have a valid Sage Payroll Software and Sage Payroll support, this Sage Payroll support is normally provided by Sage Software Direct to you by telephone from Dublin.

If you have any specific questions about Sage Payroll Year end we suggest that you contact Sage Payroll Support directly with your additional issues.

You can contact Sage Payroll support as follows
Dial 01 447 0800
(press 2 Software Support , then  Press 2 for Payroll and finally Press 1 Sage Payroll)

The above numbers should only be used for holders of  a valid Sage Payroll Software licence with a live payroll support contract in place. You may need to find out your  Software serial number or Sage Account reference before you  call.

To Find out More  about Sage Payroll Software Sales
Call Malcolm Phone (071) 914 6815 Or e-mail