Approve purchase invoices

Approve purchase invoices in Exact Online

You can now approve purchase invoices using the workflow in Exact Online. When you enable the Purchase invoice approval functionality in your company settings, all purchase invoice information that’s related to the entry must be approved before the outstanding item becomes available in the payment overview.

Previously it was not possible to sanction purchase invoices in Exact Online, or to block entries from being paid. You can now give users the rights for purchase invoices approval that are created in your company. When you create purchase entries, an invoice approval activity is assigned to these users. They can check the invoice information in the activity and accept the invoice. Alternatively, they can send it to another user for review if the information is incorrect or incomplete.

To approve purchase invoices, go to Activities > Overview activities- Invoice Approval.

For more information about the settings you need to configure before your users can approve purchase invoices, see Define company settings | Invoice approval tab.

You can assign a default approver for each Supplier (supplier record).

When you view the outstanding invoices on the supplier record – you will see an additional column Invoice Status. This indicates whether an invoice is Approved or Awaiting approval.


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