VAT range change and Exact Online

Cloud Accounting Software Solutions

Synergy Network is proud to offer our clients two Cloud Accounting Software Solutions, namely

What are the options?

Many of our clients are already Sage 50 users. In the newest versions of the Software you have the option to enable Sage Drive. This solution is a hybrid option, in other words, mixing the desktop software Sage is known for, with cloud.

For the past couple of years we have been offering new and existing clients the option of a fully online solution. Therefore no need for servers with Exact Online. No install is required to get you and your colleagues working remotely whenever and where ever you choose.


Each user that wants to use Sage 50cloud out of the office needs to first install Sage on their pc or laptop. Once Sage Drive has been enabled on the office server they then use Sage Drive to connect to the accounts via the cloud.

With Exact Online no installation is required – simply any web browser allows you to login to your accounts. Subsequently, you can instantly access Exact Online on any number of pcs or laptops

Mobile Devices

Sage 50c Capture is a feature of Sage 50cloud Accounts which integrates with Microsoft Office 365. It’s a mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, that takes images of invoices, receipts and other documentation and uploads them to Microsoft OneDrive. It’s especially useful for recording receipts and expenses when on the road.

With Exact Online you can access your accounts via a webrowser on your tablet or phone. Alternatively you can install the Exact Online app available for both Apple and Android devices.

Changing PC

If you change your server then to get Sage Drive working again you must first remove your data from Sage Drive. Install on your new computer and reload to the Cloud. You must then disconnect and reconnect each remote device on Sage Drive.

If you are using Exact Online and you change pc then all you need to do is to install your login authenticator again.

For all your Cloud Accounting Software needs just contact Malcolm on (071) 9146815 or email