Remote Working

Remote Working – Support via The Marrakech Express

It’s the ultimate Remote Working experience. One half of our support team, Anne, is spending her days taking your calls via our 3CX phone system and logging client interactions in Exact Online.

By night she is exploring the souks of the Marrakech medinas. You can find her camping out under the stars of the Atlas mountains at the weekends. Over to Anne..

It is hard to describe Morocco because it is the feeling you feel here.

It is full of life, music, singing every night and as it is Arabic no idea what they are saying :-) but the tune of their music is like Ireland, they play drums like a Bodhrán and Banjos.

It is December and I wake up to sunshine. I love technology as with our software I can be anywhere, I don’t exactly jump out of bed but I nearly do.

Now Michelle said I must give you 5 tips.

  1. Stay in RIADs not hotels, the look, the tiles all Morocco, you stay in the room but you go sit outside your bedroom door and birds are flying around as all RIADS have this open air inside.
  2. You must go to the desert. They stop along the way where famous movies were made but also one place I stopped was called a museum and it was a jail. I was on my own and did not realise at first but then I saw nooses and hand bangles where people must have been whipped. I made a movie and said “mum and dad I’m in jail”. But the desert, wow, sit at the very end of the camel to avoid an uncomfortable journey, if your camel is number 345 (mine) and he bites the bum of the camel in front, I thought bold, but told it is a term of affection. You arrive to mint tea, then food, a fire and music and if you feel like dancing on the sand under the stars do – AS THIS NIGHT WILL ONLY HAPPEN ONCE ..
  3. You are a tourist and therefore they think you are rich so anything you buy only pay 1/3rd or whatever you feel what you are buying means to you. And when you get into a taxi always make sure they turn on the meter – a 20 mins journey costs 12 dirham or  €1.20. But so nice to have a guide to bring you to places you would never see. Mine was AHMAD Tel 06 16 06 90 66 Email It was my 1st time in Morocco and we went to the city of Essaouira and Agadir where you can enjoy the beauty of its beaches and they literally bring a fish just caught and cook it in front of you.
  4. If you are unsure what city you are in, Marrakech all the houses and mountains are Red, in Casablanca white  and Chefchaouen, nicknamed the “blue pearl of Morroco”, blue. I have never been to a country with so much character.
  5. Come visit, it is inexpensive and you will have a great time.

Have a lovely Christmas. Anne.

Remote Working

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