Shop Manager Dashboard coming to Exact Online

The Shop Manager dashboard is coming soon to Exact Online. It is an area in Exact Online for Manufacturing which will show you who is working in which work centre and status of shop orders. It is very beneficial to the shop manager who can now see if the required shop orders are being completed and which work centres are being used. They also gain insight into their progress, time wise – do we have much left to complete? Are we nearly finished?

Have you tried Smart Shop Floor yet?

The data bases itself on the Smart Shop Floor app that employees use to clock in and out on an operation/work centre. Exact Online plans to make the APIs for clocking in and out available for connectivity with machines and other software apps also.

You might not have been aware that each subscription comes with one free Smart Shop Floor user. So you can try out the Shop manager dashboard first without having to add extra users to your subscription.

View by work centres

There are two ‘view modes’ in the Shop manager dashboard: by work centres and by employees. View by work centres will show you which work centres are currently being worked in, by whom and in which order. You can also see the progress (Time elapsed and Time remaining). Using the filter on the right of the screen, select a production area or a number of work centres:

View by employees

When in view by employees mode, you will see which employees are currently working, in which work centre, and in which order. You will also see the progress (Time elapsed and Time remaining). Use the filter on the right of the screen to select a number of employees:



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