Remote Working

Remote Working – Support via The Marrakech Express

Remote working – Support via The Marrakech Express

Remote Working

It’s the ultimate Remote Working experience. One half of our support team, Anne, is spending her days taking your calls via our 3CX phone system and logging client interactions in Exact Online. By night she is exploring the souks of the Marrakech medinas. You can find her camping out under the stars of the Atlas mountains at the weekends. Over to Anne..

It is hard to describe Morocco because it is the feeling you feel here.

It is full of life, music, singing every night and as it is Arabic no idea what they are saying 🙂 but the tune of their music is like Ireland, they play drums like a Bodhrán and Banjos.

It is December and I wake up to sunshine. I love technology as with our software I can be anywhere, I don’t exactly jump out of bed but I nearly do.

Now Michelle said I must give you 5 tips.

  1. Stay in RIADs not hotels, the look, the tiles all Morocco, you stay in the room but you go sit outside your bedroom door and birds are flying around as all RIADS have this open air inside.
  2. You must go to the desert. They stop along the way where famous movies were made but also one place I stopped was called a museum and it was a jail. I was on my own and did not realise at first but then I saw nooses and hand bangles where people must have been whipped. I made a movie and said “mum and dad I’m in jail”. But the desert, wow, sit at the very end of the camel to avoid an uncomfortable journey, if your camel is number 345 (mine) and he bites the bum of the camel in front, I thought bold, but told it is a term of affection. You arrive to mint tea, then food, a fire and music and if you feel like dancing on the sand under the stars do – AS THIS NIGHT WILL ONLY HAPPEN ONCE ..
  3. You are a tourist and therefore they think you are rich so anything you buy only pay 1/3rd or whatever you feel what you are buying means to you. And when you get into a taxi always make sure they turn on the meter – a 20 mins journey costs 12 dirham or  €1.20. But so nice to have a guide to bring you to places you would never see. Mine was AHMAD Tel 06 16 06 90 66 Email It was my 1st time in Morocco and we went to the city of Essaouira and Agadir where you can enjoy the beauty of its beaches and they literally bring a fish just caught and cook it in front of you.
  4. If you are unsure what city you are in, Marrakech all the houses and mountains are Red, in Casablanca white  and Chefchaouen, nicknamed the “blue pearl of Morroco”, blue. I have never been to a country with so much character.
  5. Come visit, it is inexpensive and you will have a great time.

Have a lovely Christmas. Anne.

Remote Working

If you like to learn more about remote working with Exact Online cloud software, contact James Doyle

email or call James on (071) 9146815

Shop Manager Dashboard coming to Exact Online

The Shop Manager dashboard is coming soon to Exact Online. It is an area in Exact Online for Manufacturing which will show you who is working in which work centre and status of shop orders. It is very beneficial to the shop manager who can now see if the required shop orders are being completed and which work centres are being used. They also gain insight into their progress, time wise – do we have much left to complete? Are we nearly finished?

Have you tried Smart Shop Floor yet?

The data bases itself on the Smart Shop Floor app that employees use to clock in and out on an operation/work centre. Exact Online plans to make the APIs for clocking in and out available for connectivity with machines and other software apps also.

You might not have been aware that each subscription comes with one free Smart Shop Floor user. So you can try out the Shop manager dashboard first without having to add extra users to your subscription.


View by work centres

There are two ‘view modes’ in the Shop manager dashboard: by work centres and by employees. View by work centres will show you which work centres are currently being worked in, by whom and in which order. You can also see the progress (Time elapsed and Time remaining). Using the filter on the right of the screen, select a production area or a number of work centres:


View by employees

When in view by employees mode, you will see which employees are currently working, in which work centre, and in which order. You will also see the progress (Time elapsed and Time remaining). Use the filter on the right of the screen to select a number of employees:




Contact James today to learn about the benefits Exact Online can bring to your business.

Exact Partner Day

Exact Partner Day

Exact Partner Day

Our Managing Director James was delighted to present Synergy Network’s Direct Debit App. for Exact Online at the recent Exact Partner Day in Sutton Coldfield.

Exact Partner Day


If you would like to learn more about the DD Collector for Exact Online, please contact James on (071) 9146815 or email

Exact Online now hosted in Ireland

Data and services hosted in IrelandExact Online

Exact Online is now hosted in Ireland, since June this Summer (2018). Amazon Web Services now hosts all data and services related to the platform.


What does it mean?

Hosting data and services related to Exact Online in Ireland offers better security options like the encryption of data exchanges via REST API. It also ensures that data remains in the EU after Brexit.

For companies using ExactOnline in Ireland, they have the added reassurance that their data is also hosted and stored in Ireland.


Contact James today to learn about the benefits Exact Online can bring to your business.

Improvements to Sales Orders in EXACT ONLINE

See credit limits and overdue invoices when entering sales orders

It’s important to know your customers’ credit limits are not being exceeded when creating a sales order. You should also know if they have outstanding invoices before proceeding. Checking this information should be effortless – that is why Exact Online has introduced a pop-up message containing credit limits and outstanding invoices. It appears when creating a new sales order. You can see accounts receivable here also.

This Financial Insight feature is available for both Exact Online for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing.

The message will appear if your customer has exceeded their credit limit and also if they have invoices overdue. You can still go ahead with the sales order if you wish. The purpose is simply to flag the information before you proceed with the order. Perhaps you would prefer to contact the customer before going ahead. Now you have the relevant information to make this decision.

Any specific remarks from the customer Account page will also show up in the message.


Available stock

A new column has been added to the Sales Order which shows available stock. You must customize your Sales Order screen in order to see the column. This feature is available in the Item Browser also.

Watch this video for more detail:


Contact James today to learn about the benefits Exact Online can bring to your business.


Exact Manufacturing

Exact makes manufacturing easy – plan your shop orders to batch quantity

In order to optimize manufacturing resources and keep unit prices low it’s necessary to produce efficiently. This might mean filling a vessel with a fixed quantity or manufacturing a series of a fixed quantity.

With Exact Online, it is now possible to generate shop orders based on an optimal batch quantity in the Demand Planning screen.


How do I define a batch quantity?

The batch quantity is defined on maintaining the bill of material version. Batch quantity can be seen in the product item unit.

Demand planning to optimal batch quantity

On the Demand Planning screen (in the Manufacturing part of Exact Online), there is an option to ‘round up to whole batch quantity’. Choose this option to create a shop order in the batch quantity of the default bill of material version.



This improvement will make manufacturing with Exact simpler and more efficient.

For More information on Exact for Manufacturing, call James on (071) 9146815 or email

Exact Online

Quintess Denta chooses Exact Online

Quintess Denta selects Exact Online for full traceability, CRM and accounting

Exact Online


Quick Facts

  • Specialist provider of dental equipment and Neodent implants
  • Headquartered: County Fermanagh
  • Employees: 10
  • Sales: £1 million


Business challenge

Quintess Denta needed a way to track the products it dispatched to its customers, for warranty status or in the event of a supplier recall. It also wanted to extend its CRM capabilities into the cloud so that remote sales teams could work more efficiently.



  • Dental implant shipments are now fully traceable with batch numbers matched to plant dispatch notes
  • All dental equipment is logged by serial number for warranty purposes
  • Stock level information is available in the cloud to all sales staff via any device, and automatically updated following dispatch
  • Remote debt collection and invoice retrieval capabilities
  • Standardised product templates are customisable in the platform
  • Margin analysis introduced for repair work
  • Customisable interface for different business divisions


Client profile

Quintess Denta  is a leading provider of dental equipment, including hand pieces, Neodent implants and Heka dental chairs. Based in a purpose-built workshop in Northern Ireland, with a sales office in Dublin, it employs a highly-trained team  with experience in the dental sector. Quintess Denta boasts a large portfolio of quality products carefully curated to offer a 1-stop shop for dental teams.  It sells into both the UK and Ireland, and is well placed to serve both markets with local expertise.



Quintess Denta is a reseller for Neodent, a Straumann group brand.  The 4th largest manufacturer of dental implants in the world. As these products carry a batch number and an expiry date, a new system had to be able to track consignment stock being held in its customer practices but also log the batch number at item level for all goods sold.


It was also looking to overhaul its CRM systems and eliminate time-consuming processes. In particular, eliminating the need for remote sales reps to make time-consuming trips into the office to input data or service requests. It needed to be able to reduce the admin and time involved in finding and copying invoices for clients, as well as updating product information templates when changes were sent through by suppliers.


The company also needed a way to ensure that stock levels were always up to date.  Orders could be processed immediately by reps knowing they were giving accurate delivery dates based on accurate stock levels. Similarly, there was a need to improve margin analysis capabilities on the company’s repair work.


Quintess Denta’s initial RFP was for a CRM platform. However, after initial consultation with Exact partner Synergy Network Ltd , it became clear that Exact could help it with a much broader range of business issues and opportunities.



Exact Online for Wholesale Distribution is a comprehensive business and accountancy solution for companies of all sizes. Available in-cloud, it automates routine administration tasks and improves insight into line-of-business processes to help managers make better strategic decisions. It is designed to help companies move from a pen-and-paper mentality to a fully-automated, digital-first business strategy.


“Exact is software for the modern cloud age,” said Enda Harte, business development manager at Quintess Denta. “In 2017, businesses need to be able to ensure their employees are fully productive and connected wherever they are, and whatever device they’re using. With Exact Online, we’ve been able to make sure that for our reps the laptop is the office, and that we have a comprehensive insight into order processing, stock levels and margins throughout the business. We are also now able to quickly know if a product is under warranty with the quick serial number tracking feature in exact which has saved us a significant amount of time.”


Enda HarteHarte continued: “The experience of moving to Exact was very simple. We used a reseller called Synergy Network Ltd who imported our data for us from our previous solution, provided training on how to use the new platform and had us up and running within a few weeks. For anyone considering moving to Exact, our advice would be – do it!  Apart from all the improvements to our business processes, Exact gave us all the functionality we needed but at a fraction of the price from other software companies.”


With Exact in place, Quintess Denta gains multiple benefits, including:

  • Flexible access to key documentation
  • Up-to-date insight into stock whereabouts and levels including at dental practices
  • Customisable screens to allow individual departments to focus in on pertinent data
  • Customer database available to reps on the move
  • Product datasheets in the cloud



With Exact Online, Quintess Denta has been able to reduce the admin load for sales reps in the field substantially. It has improved the efficiency of its back-office management teams and increased its ability to react flexibly to stock requests from both customers and suppliers.


It is able to fully understand where all of its stock is before and after a sale, as well as better management of the sales process for reps. Quintess Denta’s customer relationship management, order tracking and margin analysis are faster, more efficient and more flexible with Exact.


  • Total traceability of all orders
  • Easily accessible in the cloud from any device
  • Customer filters for quick invoice retrieval
  • All order data and stock information aggregated in one place

Chaser: Debt Collection in Exact Online


We have recently implemented a new tool called CHASER to automate our debt collection in Exact Online. Although it is very early days, we are impressed with its flexibility and its potential to speed up the collection of outstanding invoices – we are already getting positive responses of promises to pay. CHASER has been developed by a UK company Chaser Technologies Ltd and has been recently awarded the AccountingWeb Cloud App of the Year award. Please contact us if you have any queries or check out With CHASER and our own DD COLLECTOR , we are in a great position to reduce our investment in outstanding invoices to a minimum.




The flexibility with the App provides for:


Are the basis for the email chasers you send out. Placeholders show Chaser where to insert the pieces of information that will be invoice or customer specific.


Customise templates to your personal style, preserving the human touch.


Automatically attach copy invoices or statements to your email chasers.


Set your templates to be sent out as email chasers at different points before and after an invoice’s due date.


Choose which days of the week and what time your email chasers will be sent out. Align this with when you do your bank reconciliation to avoid chasing invoices that have already been paid.


Set for later email chasers to be sent from a more senior individual at your business and to a more senior individual at your customer.

Thank you

Build customer goodwill by automatically sending a thank you message when an invoice is reconciled on your accounting system

Different Schedules

Create multiple schedules with different chasing approaches for different groups of customers.