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Exact Online – the one stop shop

The One Stop Shop

Are you tired or frustrated with switching between different software packages to manage your Accounts, CRM and other needs? Would you like to be able to access this software from outside the office without having to rely on your server?

Change to Cloud

In early 2016,  Synergy Network took the plunge and decided to switch over our internal software systems to Exact Online Cloud software. James our managing director decided that Exact Online was the best fit single Business solution to suit our needs – easy to use accounting software, a CRM system for managing sales pipelines and finally a Help Desk database to manage all our support phone calls.

Online System

Exact Online

The fact that it’s an online cloud system was an added bonus. It means that whenever a staff member is online, outside the office or on client site, they can login via a web browser or an app. and access the in-house Company data. For example, James can issue an invoice to a customer from his iPad and Tony can let the support team know about training issues a client may have via his Android phone.

Advantages of Exact Online

  • Brings together the three strands of the business – sales, support and training into one business solution
  • It’s online so always accessible from any location as long as there is internet access
  • No more worries about upgrading different software packages and the hardware platforms they run on
  • No interoperability issues with connecting different software systems
  • Eases communication between staff members. A record of all communications with a client is kept in the one place.

Are you ready to follow us?

For more information, call James now on (071) 9146815 to discuss


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