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Sage Subscription

Sage Subscription

Sage Ireland is offering a cost effective new way to own and pay for software that could make life alot easier for many businesses. It’s called the Sage Subscription model and involves paying a monthly fee by Direct Debit (monthly or yearly) in order to use the software.

Perpetual Model

The traditional perpetual licence ownership involved paying in full upfront and entitled you to use that software version “forever”. There was no automatic entitlement to an future versions under this system.

As we all know, due to changing technologies, no software release will work “forever” – upgrades are always necessary to avail of new features and remain compatible with new operating systems and new hardware.

What are the main advantages of the Sage Subscription Model?

Sage Subscription

Picture courtesy of Sage Ireland

  • It’s so affordable – a monthly fee instead of having to pay up front.
  • You will always be on the latest version thanks to automatic downloads
  • All future upgrades are included
  • Helps with cash flow
  • From €20 plus VAT per month

Call Malcolm now on (071) 9146815 to discuss Sage Subscriptions

Do you want all the features of Sage 50 Accounts Software but can’t afford it right now?

Now you can afford to have it all!

  • Sage Subscription is easy to set up and with Synergy Network’s assistance we can get you up and running quickly
  • Sage Subscription requires the payment of an Annual or Monthly direct debit payment direct to Sage Software Dublin
  • In order to continue to use the software you must continue to pay your Direct Debit
  • 30 days notice must be given in order to cancel a direct debit
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