Sage Drive and Sage v24

Sage Drive and Sage v24

It’s the end of the road for Sage Drive and Sage v24 and below.

On Monday  31st August 2020, Sage Software  will be making some important security updates that impact a number of the features currently available within the Sage 50 Cloud and Sage 50 Accounts Software. Most importantly this will impact Sage Drive and Sage v24 and below.

In order for Sage to ensure the security of data the following features will no longer be available on the following versions:


Services impacted: Versions impacted:
  • Sage Drive
  • Office 365
  • Bank Feeds
  • V24. and below
  • V24  and below
  • V24 and below

If your Company is using any of these features and would like to continue to do so beyond the 31st  August 2020 you must upgrade or  install the latest version of the software.

If  you don’t upgrade, you can continue to access your software, however you will  no longer have access to these features listed above.

From the 1st of September 2020 Sage Drive and all of the features listed above will only be available in  Sage 50  Cloud Accounts  v25  & v26 only and the future Sage 50 Cloud Accounts v27 that is expected to come out  in October 2020.

Upgrading your software means purchasing  a Sage 50 Cloud Accounts Subscription Licence  so please contact us.

If you already have a  Sage 50 Cloud Subscription and are not using  the latest version v25 or v26 please contact our support team and we will upgrade you to version 26 (as part of your subscription and support agreement in place.)

If you would like more about how all of the above could affect your company, call  Malcolm McDonagh on  071 9146815 or by email on


We look forward to hearing from you.