Payroll Year End 2020

Payroll Year End 2019

Sage Payroll v23 takes the complexity out of payroll year end 2019 so you can have a stress-free close to 2019 and start 2020 with confidence.

You can read a Complete Guide to Payroll Year end and print out for later.  In addition you can quickly review the steps involved to Complete Tax Year 2019 and set up for 2020 in 4 simple steps below with Sage Payroll v23:

Install your Update now

You first of all must download and install your payroll year end 2019 update. Full instructions here.

Process your final 2019 Payroll period

The process for completing the tax year is much easier under PAYE modernisation. There’s no longer any need to submit a year end return or run the P35 or P60 reports. Full instructions here.

Set up Tax Year 2020

When you’ve completed your payroll processing in the 2019 tax year, you need to create the 2020 tax year for each of your payrolls. To do this, follow these steps.

Update your RPNs for 2020

Before you process pay each period, you must check you have the most up to date Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPNs) for your employees from ROS.

From 1 January 2020, you must request 2020 RPNs for all employees for the first payment in 2020. If no RPNs are available, then you must operate the emergency basis of income tax and USC.

Read How to here.


Finally, here is a handy printout and keep Checklist to ease you through the process.

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