Remote Working with Sage 50cloud Accounts

Remote Working

Many clients ask “What is Sage Drive?” Designed to allow a user to work from home or a bookkeeper or accountant to access and work on your accounts, it could be the ideal solution for some organisations to allow  remote working during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Sage 50 accounts is now marketed as Sage 50cloud accounts, however it is not a fully cloud solution. Rather it is a hybrid solution. So what does this mean?

You still need to install Sage on a server in your office and to connect to Sage from home you also need a local installation of Sage. The first thing you need to check is your broadband speed. In the office the minimum upload speed is 2Mb and the minimum download speed is 4Mb. You can check your speed on this website If you are planning working from home you need to check your internet speed there also. Slow internet speeds make the cloud element of Sage 50 unusable and can lead to data corruption.

Used correctly Sage Drive enables you to work from home and work out of the office seamlessly.

Not a Backup Solution

Having Sage Drive switched on is not a replacement for backing up your data. Your data is not being backed up to the cloud, rather it is being copied into the cloud. You cannot “restore” your data from Sage Drive.

More Information on remote working

If you would like to read more about the technical ins and outs of Sage Drive, please refer to our knowledge base article here.

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