windows 7 end of life

Windows 7 End of Life

Farewell Windows 7. It was a beautiful relationship while it lasted but now it’s time to say goodbye. From January 14th 2020, Microsoft is dropping support for this much loved operating system. So what does Windows 7 end of life mean for the regular SME? Well your pc will still continue to operate but you will no longer receive any windows updates. This will leave your pc vulnerable to security hacks and viruses/malware that emerge next year.

Synergy Network is  recommending that all existing Sage 50 Accounts Users upgrade to Windows 10 to have  a secure  environment in which to run Sage 50 Accounts software. In most cases this will involve the purchase of a new pc.

Before you upgrade you will need to check whether or not your business software is compatible with Windows 10. This of course will include your accounting software eg TAS Books or Sage 50. Sage accounts 50 v21 and higher are fully compatible with Windows 10.

If you think that you are using an older version of Sage Accounts – check in Help-About,

please ring Malcolm on (071) 9146815



to discuss your upgrade options.

You may also wish to check that you have a Support Contract set up with us so that we can assist in migrating your accounting software to a new pc. We have found that clients often do not create an All Items backup before their old pc is decommissioned. They can end up losing Sage archives and personalised reports and layouts in the process. Remember, if you have support contract, help is just a phone call away