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Payroll Year End 2011 (PYE 11)

There will be no Payroll Year End CDs this year. To download your update and step by step guide please visit To ensure all necessary USC recalculations are performed correctly you must install the PYE11 Update before you process the last period of 2011 (making sure to take a backup first). Before you process 2012 payroll, you must download and install the Budget Update. For further information on how to obtain your updates please read below.

Payroll Software Updates Available via Download Only

Your Payroll Year End Update is now available to download. The Budget Update is currently in development following the Budget Announcement by the Government on 6th December 2011. This will be available to download through yourAuto-Update feature and via We strongly recommend that you switch on the Auto-Update feature inyour payroll software. This will ensure that you receive all software updates as soon as they are released (including the PYE and Budget Updates). If you haven’t done so already, simply follow steps 1-3 below to switch on the Auto-Update feature:

  1. Enter your Sage account number into the program, if you haven’t previously done so. In your payroll program go to the top toolbar, go to Help and then About Quickpay/MicropayProfessional. Select the Edit button and enter your account number. Click OK to save your settings.
  2. To turn on the auto update service in your payroll program, go to the top toolbar, go to Tools and then Internet Options. Choose the ‘Recommended’ option and click OK to save your settings.
  3. To turn on your Product News Feeds service in your payroll program, go to the top toolbar, go to Help and thenView News. Click on Configure feed. Select the Enable checkbox and click OK to save your settings.


Micropay Professional PYE Checklist

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