Multi Company Direct Debit

Multi company Direct Debit Solution

You spoke – we listened. We have updated our most popular Direct Debit software for Sage 50c. We are now offering a multi company Direct Debit solution.

The DD software will work exactly as before. Now there will be a seperate icon on your desktop for each Sage company set up for Direct Debit. You will only be able to run one direct debit at a time – the same way as you can only be logged into one Sage company at a time.

How does it work?

The software sends an instruction to the customer’s bank telling it how much to debit their account and credit your account.

Sage 50 automatically allocates the money to the customer’s invoice.

Installation and Training

We install the software for you remotely. To ensure you get up and running smoothly, we provide training to complete your first DD run. We also provide further support should you need it down the line.

Don’t worry if you have an older Sage 50 version – our Direct Debit software works regardless of the version.


  • The Direct Debit software lets you choose the whole period to be settled OR you can pick specific invoices from an Aged Period to be settled.
  • You can change the Ageing Periods in the program independently of those in Sage 50
  • When the instruction for the bank has been created, you can print a report which breaks down the debit amounts
  • The software is SEPA compliant, meaning that it creates the XML file your bank requires for uploading

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