Sage Critical Update Issue

Backups, Backups, Backups!

We are continuously amazed by the number of clients not taking regular backups of their data. If you should be unlucky enough to encounter system failure or data corruption, the consequences of having no reliable backup to fall back on can be quite horrific, in terms of downtime, re-input of data and the potential for errors. If by any chance you fall into this category, please make a resolution to conduct regular backups.

Those clients of ours with networks probably already have a backup system in place. Please ensure that this backup system is working properly. If you have a support contract with Synergy Network, don’t hesitate to let us check a backup for you – maybe once a month – just for peace of mind. We especially recommend those Sage 50 clients of ours should take separate Sage backups from within their accounts program. We have often encountered clients trying to restore tape or online backups only to discover that essential data files are missing and their backup is worthless. A Sage backup from within the program will always include *all* essential files.