Sage Critical Update Issue

Boost your CV with Sage Certified Training

Increase your Job Prospects with a Sage Certified User Course at Synergy Network Sligo

Synergy Network is one of the North West’s leading suppliers of business software, including accounting and payroll software. Experience of the Sage and TAS brands are sought after by many employers seeking candidates for accounts, book-keeping and payroll positions. Having experience of the SAGE brands or indeed attending one of our courses will boost your CV, helping your application to stand out from those of the other candidates.

Sage Software and TAS books have developed a range of training courses designed for individuals interested in upskilling and improving their job prospects by attending a Sage Certified training course. These courses are now being provided locally in Sligo town by Synergy Network. Please refer to our training schedule for more details on the certified courses that we currently offer.

All attendees will receive a Sage Certificate of Attendance. There is a short one hour exam at the end of the course. Those that pass the exam will receive a Sage Certified User Certificate for the software course they have attended.

Attendees are trained on the latest versions of our software, ensuring that they are knowledgeable on the latest features and functionality. Our trainers are fully qualified to provide comprehensive, efficient training courses that cover the key functionality of Sage or TAS software. Each individual attending a Sage training course works with his or her own PC and will receive a course manual.

For more information on Synergy Network training please contact Malcolm or Fiona on (071) 914 6816 or email