Sage Critical Update Issue

VIES update for Sage

From January 1st 2010, VIES returns must now include the sales of services as well as goods. An update is now available for Sage 50 Accounts (versions 2008, 2009 and 2010).  This update will ensure that your accounting software is correctly configured for the calculation and submission of VIES to Revenue.

What does the update do?

  • New Tax Codes – Three new tax codes, T22 to T24 are created for the recording of services purchased from or sold to businesses in the EC.
  • Updated VIES option (Sage 2010 only)- You can now run your VIES return for a monthly or quarterly period.
  • New reports – You will find new reports located in Customer->Reports->EC Sales Reports

Those of you with an internet connection and with updates switched on in your software, should already have downloaded and installed the latest Sage update for your version. If you are unsure whether or not your update has been applied or you would like some assistance, please contact Support on 071 9146815 or email