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Logon Problems

How to remove the message: ‘Username in use – the program cannot connect you at this time’.

Return of Trading Details

Return of Trading Details

In the Republic of Ireland, all VAT registered traders must submit an annual return of trading details on form RTD EUR. This return was introduced by the Revenue Commissioners, as part of an administration simplification process. The RTD provides a breakdown of the supply of goods and services, imports, and deductible inputs, at the various […]

Sales Aged Balance disagrees with Debtors Control

Debtors and Creditors Report

Reasons why the Debtors or Creditors Control Accounts do not agree with the aged debtors or creditors reports, and how to take corrective action As part of your weekly or monthly routines, you may produce and reconcile your Aged Debtors report with the balance on the Debtors Control Account. This enables you to keep track […]

Sage 50 VAT Returns

First Step: Setting up your TAX CODES By default they are set up for the UK Vat system so this is one of the first things we need to change in Sage 50 before we can start entering data. and ultimately produce a Sage 50 VAT return. Go to Settings/configuration/Tax Codes   Select tax code […]

How to use the Search Option

To do a basic search use the Quick Search option which will look up the relevant word for you e.g. John and click Quick search in Customers Module, this searches all Customer Records for instances of this word. When finished clear your search as it could interfere with using the more advanced search detailed below […]

Data Corruption in Sage 50

What is data corruption? Data corruption in Sage means that errors have occurred in the underlying database which stores all your financial data. Corrupt data cannot be relied upon. The Sage program may not be able to read the data correctly, resulting in faulty reports (eg aged debtors reports with false totals). At year end […]