Sage Dashboard with Office 365

A quick and easy way to see how your business is performing – integrate Sage 50c Accounts and Microsoft Office 365 with the Sage Dashboard add-in.

Sage Dashboard is accessed with your Office 365 login on any device and will show you receivables, payables, revenue and expenses.

Version & Syncing

This add-in requires Sage 50c Accounts v24.1.

Your data must be synced three times to create and populate the workbooks first before using Sage Dashboard.


How to get started:

  • Make sure you have integrated your Sage Accounts data with Office 365
  • Log in to Office 365 with original admin login
  • Choose the app launcher and select ‘All’ or ‘View all my apps’
  • Select Sage Dashboard and Sign in with your Office ID
  • Once it’s open, if you have multiple companies uploaded, use the drop-down to choose the desired company
  • To the right of the company name, click a tab for Receivables, Payables, Revenue or Expenses



Here you will see a breakdown of overdue sales. You can view overdue sales by period.

  • Click on current month to see current overdue balance
  • For further breakdown by account, select the required period to open Accounts Overdue
  • Accounts Overdue shows the five customers with the highest balance for the selected ageing period



See overdue purchase invoices broken down. Again you can see by period. This section works is set up similarly to Receivables.


Revenue and Expenses

See a summary of your company’s income and expenditure against your budgets in Monthly Revenue and Expenses Charts. Hover your cursor over relevant months to see amounts broken down by chart of accounts category

See your total income, total expenses and net profit below your monthly revenue and expenses information.

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