Onion reporting Software

Onion Reporting Software and Sage 50 Accounts

Struggling with Management Account Reporting?

  • Have you ever found that some of the reports needed for your management accounts are just not available in Sage50 accounts?
  • Do you sometimes find a report that is a near match but that you then need to export to Excel so that you can add columns and manipulate the figures?
  • Do you need departmental Profit & Loss reports for numerous departments and have to run the same departmental report for each one? Tedious and time-consuming.

Onion Reporting Software

Synergy Network has teamed up with Onion Reporting Software to provide a solution!

The suite of Onion products works with Sage 50 to deliver a stand-alone Excel workbook with a full suite of interactive Excel reports, graphs, trial balances, Profit and Loss, Actual Budget and Variance, the list goes on. plus PivotTable analyses and drills down to transaction level! All your Sage data at your fingertips in Excel. No set-up required, just a few clicks.

If you need to look at your Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet or a member of the company needs to there is no need to have Sage installed once you have setup the initial main file. Then every month update the main file with your new transactions.

Budget Feature

You can incorporate the budgets into the Onion tool for reporting rather than inputting them into Sage (which can be very time consuming)– simpler to upload into Onion.

Free Trial

As ever, there is no substitute for a trial with your own organisation’s data. A fully functional free trial with full helpdesk support is available to assess the suitability of the products to meet your needs.

Sample Reports

Click into the gallery below to see some of the reports we have already created for clients

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