Payroll – say goodbye to Quickpay

Are still using Sage Quickpay payroll software?

Quickpay payroll software will not be updated to operate payrolls for 2019, nor will it be supported by Sage.

Therefore, you will not be able to use it when the new PAYE modernisation changes come in early next year. For example, every time an employer runs their payroll, they will be required under law to report pay and deductions for each employee.  Your payroll package needs to deal with these requirements. Read more about PAYE Modernisation here.

The time is now to change from the old Sage Quickpay over to the new Sage Payroll (formerly Micropay). Quickpay customers are entitled to the new package free of charge until the renewal of their contract.

Convert your Quickpay Data

There is a handy Import Quickpay Data Utility within the new software that allows you to bring in your old Quickpay data.

Here is a video to see it in action:


List of employees to ROS (required for PAYE Modernisation)

Revenue requires all employers to send a list of employees through Revenue’s Online Service (ROS). It is recommended to send it as soon as possible. This will ensure that both your records and theirs are accurate and up to date.

The list must include:

  • employees who are currently in your employment (including directors)
  • employees on long term leave such as maternity leave or sick leave
  • pensioners in receipt of payments from you
  • seasonal or temporary employees for whom you have not completed a P45
  • employees on a career break for whom you have not issued a P45
  • employees for whom you have received PAYE Exclusion Order.

Do not include employees who are on a career break and have been issued a P45.

Create employee list in Sage Payroll

Once you are set up in your new Sage Payroll, the list of employees can be created in the program to be sent to ROS. Click on Other Reports > Company tab > Employee list to ROS.

See how to generate and send the employee list in this video:


If you want to know about Sage Payroll or you would like us to take care of your Payroll data conversion to be ready for 2019 PAYE Changes:

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