Undo Bank Reconciliation – Sage 50c Accounts

Need to undo a bank reconciliation? Perhaps you have made an error and need to unreconcile. There are two ways to do this.

Restore a backup for whole reconciliation

Firstly, you can restore a backup which was taken before reconciling. This is best if you want to undo the whole bank reconciliation. Be aware that you will lose any other work you have saved since that backup.

Undo specific transactions

Secondly, if you only wish to unreconcile specific transactions you can unflag them.

Go to Transactions and select the relevant one. Highlight the transaction, click Edit and untick the Bank rec. box and Save. When you return to the transactions page, you should see ‘N’ to indicate that the transaction is not reconciled.

Repeat the same steps if you have other transactions to unreconcile.

Watch this video to see how:


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