Bank Reconcilation

Bank Reconciliations

I reconciled my bank account last week. Now I see that my matched balance has changed – what has happened?

The most likely scenario in this case is that you have deleted a bank transaction that was previously reconciled. This is why the matched balance on your bank reconciliation has changed. You need first of all to find the transaction that was deleted from the system and then to establish why it was deleted in the first place.

Go to Transactions and enter the following search…

Bank reconciliation


This search will identify all transactions that were bank reconciled at some stage but subsequently deleted.

Presumably if a bank transaction was reconciled, it was on your bank statement so it should still be in Sage. Check your bank statement and if this is the case, re-enter the transaction and reconcile it. Your matched balance is now correct.

If the transaction should indeed have been deleted it means that your last statement was not reconciled correctly.