Sage Payroll Year end

Sage Payroll v22.4 Improvements

We’re happy to announce that Sage Payroll V22.4 update is  now available. It features many improvements listed below…

Sage Payroll v22.4 New Features

The new features include

  • Construction Workers Pension Scheme (CWPS)
    The increases in Pension, Sick Pay and Death in Service contributions will come into effect from 1 October 2019. Sage Payroll will be updated to remain compliant.


  • Buy One4all Gift Vouchers
    The Purchase One4All gift card feature in Sage Payroll allows employers to quickly purchase gift cards on the One4All website. The employee names and gift card amounts are sent to One4All, removing the need for the employer to enter each employee name again on the One4All website.


  • RPNs – do not import negative amounts for previous employment values for create/new employee
    The system currently warns and does not import any negative previous employment values when retrieving and importing RPNs. However, this only works for lookup/existing employees, it will import in the negative values if it is a create/new employee scenario.


  • Background\Silent Updates
    The system will check for updates every 5 hours. This is to increase the chances of the system checking for an update during an average working day. During testing, it was discovered that if a user shuts down their PC every night, they will never receive a critical background update.

Building on recent new features

  • PAYE  Modernisation Improvements
    Payroll Submission and retrieve RPNs searching log reports
    Payroll Submission add pay period to summary report
    Set Period will warn the user if they haven’t completed payroll submission
    Period Archive Set Period warning – update text
    New Pay date field


  • PAYE  Modernisation New Features
    Revenue statement of account
    Employer monthly liability report


  • Remove unused payments and unused deductions


  • Allow BIK (gross) to be processed in timesheets


  • Remove ROS Reports from Consolidation Payroll


  • Export nominal reports to pdf and excel


  • Validate payroll data will display warning of employee start date is a future tax year


For More Information on Sage Payroll v22.4

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