Sage Drive

Sage Accounts in the cloud with Sage Drive

Sage modernizes with the needs of your business – you can now work remotely and access your live Sage Accounts with the use of Sage Drive.

The same great features of your desktop software, but with the amazing flexibility that the cloud offers.


How does it work?

You, your accountant and your colleagues can all work on your accounts data from different locations. An encrypted secure copy of your data is uploaded to Sage Drive.

Your data remains stored on your computer/network, but any changes you make to your data are uploaded also to the copy in the cloud.

Then if you want to share the data, you simply invite others via the Sage Drive Management Centre.


How do we connect?

You or those you share with can access the Accounts data with an internet connection either:

  • From a computer with Sage Accounts installed (same version)
  • From a smartphone using the Sage 50 Accounts Tracker app – this provides a read-only summary of important information
  • From a tablet with Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales app. View your customer information, create quotes, orders, invoices. You can print and email them from there too.


While you work on your data, all changes made from whichever location are uploaded to the cloud copy and in turn, downloaded regularly to all other locations connected on computer, smartphone or tablet. So you’re always working with the most recent version of your Accounts data.


Internet speed

Sage Drive requires a broadband internet connection with a download speed of at least 4mbps and an upload of at least 2mbps.


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