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More and more companies are turning to Direct Debit as a reliable and secure way of collecting payments from customers. Most of the popular Accounting software programs don’t have a Direct Debit Feature built in so we have sourced 3 solutions to provide you with a range of options. All of these options avoid duplication of data, speed up processing and minimise errors. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Direct Debit for Sage 50 Accounts

Our First D/D Option allows the creation of a collection file on the back of transactions in Sage 50 which can be transmitted to the bank for processing. The system accesses the bank details stored on customer records in Sage 50. The user can choose which outstanding invoices to pay. Specific customer accounts or individual transactions on customer accounts can be excluded. The system generates a SEPA format xml file which is then uploaded to the bank for processing. In addition the DD amount is posted to Sage 50 accounts and matched against the selected invoices on customer accounts.

Direct Debit for EXACT ONLINE

Direct Debit Collector

Our second DD Option is a cloud based Direct Debit APP for EXACT Online Accounts. This software works in a similar way to the Sage 50 DD add-on described above. It also creates a collection file in xml format for upload to the bank. A full  history of all collection files generated is always available in the app.  This facilitates resending files where necessary and retrospective reporting.

Direct Debit Collector

Standalone Direct Debit Software

Our third DD option is a stand-alone database which records all the customers and direct debit amounts to produce an xml file for transmission to the bank. This software is suitable for clubs or membership organisations where there is no requirement to integrate with the back office accounting system.

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