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Exchequer – Driving Efficiency and Cutting Costs

This week we bring you an article from Exchequer Ireland on their flagship product, Exchequer Accounting Software…

5 Ways Exchequer Accounting Software

In a difficult economic climate, businesses must have instant access to financial and management information, they need a system that will work for them and deliver a real return on investment. Exchequer software can do just that, if you’re considering upgrading your accounting system to one that can deliver the detailed information that you need, instantly, improve productivity and help to reduce costs, we recommend you consider Exchequer Software.

1. Cut costs by going paperless! – Save paper, go green and cut costs by sending orders, invoices, statements and payment reminders electronically, securely and swiftly with Exchequer’s Paperless module.

2. Track costs accurately and effortlessly – Exchequer will give you a clear picture of what is happening in your organisation so you know what is being spent and where, providing powerful budget control.  On screen views enable you to compare actual figures against future balances and committed costs at the click of a button.

3. Accurately forecast your stock requirements – Don’t let your organisation fall into the trap of carrying too much stock and incurring unnecessary storage costs or carrying too little stock to meet demand with Exchequer’s money-saving Stock Control and Reporting modules.

4. Manage by exception – Exchequer’s business intelligence tools will keep you aware of any changing circumstances within your organisation.  Be automatically alerted via your everyday business applications if for example, a project goes over-budget and eliminate the dependence on manual processes to warn of potentially costly problems when it’s too late.

5. Enhance productivity – Exchequer streamlines your processes at every stage and automates everyday procedures, meaning data keyed in once can be used across the whole system, reducing administration and minimising wasted working hours, enabling you and your staff to concentrate on more strategic activities.