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Countdown to SEPA

SEPA Countdown

SEPA Countdown

Countdown to SEPA – only 32 working days to Feb 1st Deadline for SEPA. If you submit EFT files to the bank for customer Direct Debits, Supplier Payments or Salaries then you must submit new XML files which are SEPA ready from February 1st onwards. The following software packages are SEPA ready

Sage 50 Version 2014 – for supplier payment files
Sage 50 Add-ons   – for customer Direct Debit Files
DEFT – for standalone or file import Direct Debit Files
Micropay – for employee payments

Synergy Network has a range of Software choices that can help you with regard to SEPA. Contact James Doyle for more information  on our DIRECT Debit and SEPA offerings .  Sage 50 2014 is the only version of Sage accounts that is fully ready for SEPA. This month we have an extra special 10% off the v2014 upgrade price if you place your order before Christmas by 20th December