Apportionment Tool for Sage 50c

Apportionment Tool for Sage 50c- Apport50

Apportionment Tool for Sage 50c – Apport50


Are you tired of apportioning purchase invoices over numerous departments when inputting into Sage 50? Synergy Network is proud to launch an Apportionment Tool for Sage 50c, named Apport50.

We have designed a tool for organizations who need to split purchase invoices and bank payments over numerous programmes or departments.  From our market research, Apport50 is of particular benefit to Local Development Companies.

What are the Benefits of Apport50?

After installing Apport50 in several Local Development Companies in Ireland, staff have reported to us the following benefits

Time savings for staff

Gone are the cumbersome Excel sheets with numerous columns calculating percentage splits. Simply program in your apportionment percentages per department and let the tool do the rest. It is very easy to change these percentages on a monthly basis or indeed at any time.

Accuracy of input

It is impossible to make a mistake in your apportionments, the tools calculates it all for you

Audit Trail

Apport50 directly posts your Purchase Invoices and Payments into Sage. You can consult the audit trail immediately



Main Features of the Apportionment tool for Sage 50c

Above is a screenshot of Apport50, showing how to enter a purchase invoice.

  • Can provide for Multiple allocation scenarios
  • Full visibility of the Allocation Scenario with %s on the Cost Apportionment input screen;
  • Updates Sage50 with a Purchase Invoice – split by programme and a Supplier payment (if both done at same time);
  • Writes the Allocation scenario/date back into the ExRef in Sage 50 for Audit purposes;
  • Automatically splits out the Vat on specific programmes
  • Covers Apportionment on additional transactions such as
  1. Purchase Credit
  2. Bank Payment
  3. Bank Receipt
  • Reads in the departments/programmes and bank accounts from Sage 50, so changes in Sage will be reflected in the App.- Redundant programmes/departments can be excluded
  • Available to multiple users and remote users

Contact James Doyle on (071) 9146815 or for further details or a demonstration.