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Sage One

Sage One Partner- Online Accounts and Payroll

We have recently become a Partner for Sage One which is a range of online services designed for start-ups and small businesses. The services allow small business owners and their accountants to manage their business finances and payroll easily and efficiently.  The benefits of Sage One are

Flexible – completely online, access anytime, anywhere with an internet connection and web browser;

Simple – No Accounting of payroll experience necessary. Written for non-finance users in plain English with built in help;

Covered – 24/7 phone and email support included as standard;

Compliant – Always up to date with the latest legislation ensuring you always apply the correct rates. Easily run and submit your year- end reports to Revenue.

Secure – Accessible online with password protection and data encryption. Data stored in secure data centres and backed up automatically and regularly;

Collaborate – Link to your Sage One Accountant and collaborate online simply;

Contact us if you wish to get set up for a free trial on (071) 9146815 or email for more information.