Sage Back-up

Back-up, back-up, back-up….

Nobody wants the wasted time and hassle that comes with lost data. It’s so important to regularly back up your data in case anything happens to your computer.  Here we’ll take a look at backing up with Sage 50c Accounts.

How often should I back-up?

This really depends on the amount of transactions you enter. You could back up every day if you’re entering a lot of transactions. It’s very important to back up before and after major accounting processes like the Year End of creating VAT Returns. By doing this, if something goes wrong and the data gets lost – just go back to your recent back-up and continue from there.

External device or the cloud?

Backing up to the cloud (One Drive, Drop Box, etc.) is always a good idea but we also recommend backing up to at least one external device (USB or hard drive).

Manual or automated back-up?

It’s possible to both manually or automatically back up in Sage 50c Accounts. For manual – simply click on File > Back Up. If you prefer to schedule your back-ups to run automatically – use the Back Up Manager (you must be logged in as Manager). Open File >Scheduled Back Up. In Settings you can choose times or intervals to automatically back up.

Automating will save you time and allow you to breathe easy knowing that your data is backed up and secure.

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