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Sage 50 Sales App

Want to save time and money entering Sales Orders or Invoices in Sage 50?

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We have just been testing the new Sales App for Sage 50 and are pleasantly surprised with the results. We tested successfully on a Samsung notepad and an iPad . The Sales App is designed for sales staff on the road who are generating sales orders and invoices which are uploaded back into Sage 50 in the office. For the sales rep it means quick entry of the transaction at time of taking the order. You can check what the customer owes prior to entering the transaction. You can also check the customer’s previous invoices to see what they purchased last and at what price.









When you hit the Send to Sage button, the transaction goes back to the office via the Sage Drive in the cloud. If the office machine with Sage 50 is switched off, then the transactions reside in the cloud until the PC is switched on again when a synchronisation takes place.

If a customer has a special price list set up in Sage 50 then these are the prices which pop up in the App when processing a transaction. You can even set up new customers on the fly with the App and the detail is pushed back into Sage 50 as a customer record. When selecting a product to add to a transaction line – you will see the quantity of the product in Sage 50 – useful if you have accurate stock records.

After the transaction is sent to Sage and can be seen on the App with a Sage reference the transaction can be opened as a Read Only and cannot be edited.

We just need to do some more testing on the side of a mountain !

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