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Multi-location Stock and Sage 50

We have sourced a new Multi-Location stock add on for Sage 50 which works with the latest version Sage 2015. This add-on enables you to set up various stock locations for depots, warehouses, vans etc.

All stock movements including adjustments in /out, transfers between locations, Sales and Purchase Deliveries are all processed into a specific location chosen from a drop down menu.

Multi Location Stock





A new set of transaction icons are available with Sage 50 .You can run a report which will show all the stock item quantities in a specific location or where a specific product is stocked over various locations. All reports can be output to MS Excel for further manipulation.

New Sage 50 Icons

New Sage 50 Icons




We have had lots of interest in this add-on from both existing clients and potential clients looking for a solution to the management of multi-location stock in Sage 50 .

For example, an existing client in the renewable energy sector , needs to track stock held in their engineering vans.  A craft beer importer with a number of warehouses around Ireland and in Europe, needs to be able to transfer stock between various locations.

For more information or a remote demonstration , please contact us on (071) 9146815.

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