Choose EXACT ONLINE for Wholesale Distribution

Continue to add value and maintain healthy margins. There is no better way to stay ahead of the competition. EXACT ONLINE Wholesale Distribution software gives wholesalers full control over both logistics and finances, as well as strengthened their position in the Supply chain. With EXACT ONLINE everything is tied together, everything is automated, and everything is under control

Key Features

Order and Inventory Management, Accounting and CRM in one

  • Multiple warehouses
  • Batch number traceability
  • Serial numbers and warranty dates
  • Back to back ordering
  • Dashboard Alerts
EXACT ONLINE Wholesale Distribution

Always one step ahead

Exact for Wholesale Distribution tells you exactly what’s happening in your company at any time, in real-time. Check the current status of your profit and loss account, outstanding payments, inventory and orders all from your desk, from your meeting…from anywhere at all. Smart, intuitive and insightful, exact for Wholesale Distribution helps to streamline your processes as well as arming you with the knowledge you need to respond quickly and effectively to any issues as they occur. From now on, you can always be in the office – even when you’re not.

EXACT ONLINE Wholesale Distribution

Customer focus

With integrated CRM, Exact for Wholesale Distribution provides all the inventory management information you need to put customers first, in seconds. A smart and intuitive sales dashboard displays everything from to-do lists to turnover, to current orders. All in a single, central display. And the free app puts this business software onto your tablet and smartphone too, so it’s easy to look up a contact or browse a catalogue from anywhere, thanks to the cloud. Exact for Wholesale Distribution keeps you informed, your customers happy – and your sales healthy.

EXACT ONLINE Wholesale Distribution

Efficient logistics

Exact for Wholesale Distribution shows you the items you have in stock, the items that need to be ordered and the status of current orders in real-time, at a glance. If your stock falls below a certain level, you automatically receive an alert on your dashboard. (The cloud always knows.) It also helps you to enter stock counts straight into your system, update costs, and even print labels from the cloud. Together with access to supplier and customer agreements, it offers the insight you need to exercise full control of your running and shipping periods. And if you want to arrange delivery directly from your supplier to your customer, guess what? Yes, it can do that too.

Effortless collaboration

Because Exact for Wholesale Distribution follows everything from the cloud, collaboration is a breeze for both customers and suppliers, every step of the process. And inventory management is just the start. It’s easy to find and distribute the latest product and pricing information. Invoices can be sent via a digital mailbox. Bank payments can be imported and matched to outstanding items, with statements automatically reconciled with payments. And insights into purchase history and supplier/customer agreements allow you to manage your margins and make sure you’re getting the best deal. And if you need to seamlessly connect a third party solution to your EXACT ONLINE software, no problem. In the cloud, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

“With Exact Online, we’ve been able to make sure that for our reps the laptop is the office, and that we have a comprehensive insight into order processing, stock levels and margins throughout the business.Exact gave us all the functionality we needed but at a fraction of the price from other software companies.”

“Exact is software for the modern cloud age,” says Enda Harte, business development manager at Quintess Denta.

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Exact is Europe’s number 1 cloud business software for SMEs and their accountants, relied on by 350,000 businesses in over 110 countries.

Their award-winning accounting, CRM and industry-specific software helps partners in the Accounting, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Wholesale Distribution sectors to optimise efficiency and support growth. Exact software delivers a complete overview of today – and valuable insights into the opportunities of tomorrow.

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