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Stay ahead of tough foreign competition and introduce lean manufacturing to operation in the process. EXACT ONLINE software helps manufacturers to be more competitive and achieve full control over their manufacturing process. With EXACT ONLINE everything is tied together, everything is automated, and everything is under control.

Key Features

EXACT Online Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Logistics, accounting and CRM in one

  • Lighting fast quote generation
  • Match Supply to demand
  • Real Insight into the margins
  • Manufacture lean and mean


EXACT Online Manufacturing

Cost before quote – deliverable scoping

Your quote is your promise, so any variables which aren’t taken into consideration can have a big impact on your margins. With Exact for Manufacturing you can quote with confidence! All relevant rates are stored in one central location, making them easy to update. Gone are the days of combing through spreadsheets, trying to find the different rates for materials and manufacturing. Because repeat based items can be quoted based on past experience, there’s no need for ‘guestimates’ and you can create calculated quotes which ensure the production is achievable and profitable.

EXACT Online Manufacturing

Match supply to demand

Exact for Manufacturing supports flexible mixed-mode manufacturing and keeps track of the shop order flow. Orders can be created based on customer demand or stock requirement. In both cases, planned delivery date is linked to the required materials, semi-finished products and processing. After that, progress is easy to monitor and adjust.

EXACT Online Manufacturing

Real insight into the margins

Because costs aren’t just about materials, with Exact for Manufacturing labour and processes are taken into consideration to give you the complete production cost. When you make purchases for the work order, the actual costs are automatically calculated. You can then compare them to the estimated consumption of materials and hours spent. You can even cost roll up for billable materials at the touch of a button. The result? Current and clear insight into (and control over) your turnover and profitability.

Manufacture lean and mean

Our end-to-end solution is integrated into your day to day operations, providing greater efficiency, better insight and improved margins. With improved visibility you can reduce waste and excess stock held, ensuring you’re holding the right inventory to deliver profitably and on demand. Allocation of resources, time and people are also optimised, ensuring greater efficiency. It’s all visible in the manufacturing dashboard – from the capacity utilisation of machinery to key orders in production, from progress reports to outstanding work and purchase orders. In short it’s a complete view to help you ensure lean manufacturing.

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