DD COLLECTOR is a cloud based Direct Debit APP for EXACT Online Accounts.

DD COLLECTOR allows the creation of a collection file based on transactions in Exact Online which can be transmitted to Irish banks for processing. We are currently working on a UK BACS file – please contact us with your specific requirements.

The system accesses the bank details stored on customer records in Exact Online. The user can choose which outstanding invoices to pay. Specific customer accounts or individual transactions on customer accounts can be excluded when creating a batch. The system generates a SEPA format XML file which is then uploaded to the bank for processing. In addition the DD amount is posted to Exact Online  and matched against the selected invoices on customer accounts.

A full history of all collection files generated is always available in the APP.  This facilitates re-sending files where necessary and retrospective reporting.

DD Collector Batches

Retain history of payments batches and recreate bank file if needed

DD Collector batches

DD Collector Balances

DD COLLECTOR reads out customer balances from Exact Online for DD marked customers.

DD Collector balances

Fully Compatible

This App is compatible with all versions of Exact Online.


Each Direct Debit Originator Business requires a SEPA Originator Identification Number (OIN) in order to submit Direct Debit files to the Irish Banks.

See all Customer Balances

DD COLLECTOR reads out customer balances from Exact Online for DD marked customers.

Manage Multiple Customers

DD Collector creates a financial bank receipt transaction in Exact Online for multiple customers for which a Direct Debit entry has been created.

Synergy Installation

Synergy Network will assist with the App and Exact Online configuration to implement the App.


Read our PDF brochure on DD Collector.

To find out more about DD Collector or for Training and Support contact us.

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