My Dashboard 2.0 Exact

Have you heard about My Dashboard 2.0 in Exact Online?

It’s important that you can quickly and easily view your financial data, as well as other crucial information – with Exact’s new My Dashboard 2.0 you have fast access to key performance indicators (KPI). It has been redesigned and is more intuitive than before. To locate it within Exact, click on Dashboards > Specific > My Dashboard.

The KPI Widget Catalogue

Firstly, My Dashboard 2.0 goes much further when it comes to customisation. A wide range of widgets from CRM and financials to sales and purchasing will help you locate, organise and manage the information you need.

The catalogue will continue to expand, so Exact are always on the lookout for new KPIs to help manage your business. Here we see the current KPI Widget Catalogue (click to enlarge).

My Dashboard 2.0 Exact



Accounts Receivable – Ageing Analysis

This saves you time and can reduce your cash flow risk. It neatly summarises unpaid customer invoices by date and shows you without too much detail which are overdue (and for how long). Also, it’s possible to analyse the efficiency of your invoicing process, based on Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) figures.

Here we see the Accounts Receivable – Ageing Analysis widget.



An easy way to boost your business

What does this all mean for your business? By digging deeper into your data, the widget empowers you to take action.

  • Be aware of which customers have outstanding invoices and think about how to lower average payment time.
  • Identify and chase debtors in good time, or even completely avoid late paying customers.
  • Get more up to date cash balances due to quicker invoice processing.
  • Allow your accountant to monitor your processes and suggest improvements.
  • Develop a billing system with more ways to pay.
  • Automate digital reminders.


My Dashboard 2.0 helps you review your processes and make improvements. Improvements could include incentives for early payments, fees on late payments, and going digital. Furthermore, your accountant can assist you with business growth advice, how to optimise margins and reduce financial risks.



Knowledge means everything for your business. Awareness and insight into your data can help you to make valuable improvements to your processes.

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