Exact Manufacturing

Exact makes manufacturing easy – plan your shop orders to batch quantity

In order to optimize manufacturing resources and keep unit prices low it’s necessary to produce efficiently. This might mean filling a vessel with a fixed quantity or manufacturing a series of a fixed quantity.

With Exact Online, it is now possible to generate shop orders based on an optimal batch quantity in the Demand Planning screen.


How do I define a batch quantity?

The batch quantity is defined on maintaining the bill of material version. Batch quantity can be seen in the product item unit.

Demand planning to optimal batch quantity

On the Demand Planning screen (in the Manufacturing part of Exact Online), there is an option to ‘round up to whole batch quantity’. Choose this option to create a shop order in the batch quantity of the default bill of material version.



This improvement will make manufacturing with Exact simpler and more efficient.

For More information on Exact for Manufacturing, call James on (071) 9146815 or email jdoyle@synergynet.ie