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Cloud Accounting – Exact Online

Cloud Accounting with Exact Online


We have recently being appointed Partner for this new innovative Cloud Accounting system, Exact Online. Imagine being able to have one system to look after your accounts, stocks, sales pipeline and Projects. All of this can be accessed from any PC with a browser and internet access. Staff can use the App on their phones to upload timesheets or check notes on a prospective customer before making a sales call. You won’t have to worry about getting software upgrades any more or bother about having to get a new server for your accounting system. You pay for the software on a monthly basis as long as you continue to use it. There are a range of Apps already developed to integrate anything from Webshops to Mail Chimp with your ExactOnline system. There are modules specifically designed for :


Exact Online Wholesale Distribution keeps you in control of your business. One single, purpose-built inventory management product seamlessly integrates your financial records with your logistics processes, from purchasing and inventory to sales and CRM. So you always know where you stand. You always know what you’ve sold. And you always know what you have in stock


Exact Online Manufacturing is unique. For the first time, manufacturers can use the cloud to make life much easier – and business a lot better. Exact Online Manufacturing automates your logistics, production, finance and CRM, provides realtime insight into your production processes, and links directly to your accounts.

Project Costing

Deliver profitable projects at lightning speed is possible with a tight planning and flawless execution. Exact Online for Project Management streamlines your project organisation by integrating advanced project and timesheet management with invoicing, accounting and CRM. It can even includes subscription and contract management if you select Exact Online for Project & Subscription Management. This helps you maximise every project, keeps your customers happy and grow your business by seizing new opportunities.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting


Have a look at the above video and contact James Doyle for further information or for a free trial for one month.


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