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AVA systems moves to Exact Online

We recently asked Odilon Hunt of AVA Systems Ltd. for some feedback on Exact Online, cloud business software.

Here is her response…

Exact Online“As Financial Controller of AVA Systems Ltd, established in 1995, I was extremely happy with the Accounts package which we had used for 15 years.  We were not particularly interested in getting new software as we were used to the old system and all staff were trained in its use.  However, we were using a number of spreadsheet to track enquiries, serial numbers etc and our accounts package did not enable us to easily manage our clients/suppliers.   Initially I asked Synergy Network for a demo of Exact Online as Synergy are a trusted supplier, they are intimately familiar with our company and our needs and any service they offered would be well researched, robust and suitable for our company.  However, I was not sure I would like to move to an online system.”

“I even surprised myself at the speed with which I decided to move to Exact Online after a short demonstration.  We had been frustrated for some time in trying to keep track of enquiries, contacts and managing follow up.  We would often have a number of open quotes for different people in the same company/organisation at any one time.  Initially what attracted me to Exact was the fact we could have a single database with all our customer and supplier contacts, we could track enquiries/quotes, and preparing quotations seemed to be a simple process – especially where a quote can be updated easily and tracked so we know “Exactly” which is the most recent quote.  The ability to track serial numbers was very attractive, as many of our products carry 5 or more years warranty and we were using a spreadsheet to track these in the past.  Being online is a huge advantage.  We can access the system when out of the office and although nobody likes working unsocial hours it’s great to be able to respond with a quote to a client promptly and reliably when the need arises.”

“Having trust in James Doyle of Synergy and knowing that his staff would be willing and able to assist us with the changeover and ongoing support was  key reason for making the change.  We had invested a lot in staff training for the old system but the transition to Exact was very smooth.  We did make a few mistakes but these were quickly rectified and the two staff who had to manage the system on a daily basis took to the new system very easily and enthusiastically – the simple fact is – it made their job easier.  Again, having the support of Synergy was a huge benefit, particularly as James is a qualified accountant and could assure me (I’m not a qualified accountant) that that accounts system was performing correctly.  We have continued to purchase support from Synergy as they know the ins and out of our business and can advise how best to do certain things.”

“In the 16 months since we implemented Exact I can honestly say it was an excellent decision to move to Exact.  On the best days I’d say it’s like having another member of staff in the office.  We have speeded up our quotation process and can manage our business so much better.  Yes, it costs more than our previous system but the reliability and ease of use is well worth the investment.  AVA is now better managed and able to give more prompt service to our clients.”

Exact Online