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Sage HR Software

People are the most important part of any business, so they are worth looking after. That means keeping the right records and having the right procedures in place. Sage HR software can help. Sage 50 HR helps you manage your people by recording, storing and tracking key information on performance, training and working patterns all in […]

Direct Debits with Sage 50

Announcing a great way to collect money from customers in conjunction with your Sage 50 accounting software! We have recently installed Direct Debit software for one of our key clients. It is written by Sage Developers and integrates fully with Sage 50 accounting software. The direct debit software creates an EMTS file from the customer […]

Ignite The West

Ignite is coming to the West of Ireland. Ignite talks, where presenters get 20 slides and five minutes to make their point, are for anyone who wants to laugh, talk and be inspired and are held worldwide. Ignite the West starts Friday May 7th at 8pm at the Mill Times hotel, Westport. We hope to […]

Sage 50 and Windows 7

Those of you who recently purchased Windows 7 machines will have encountered errors when trying to generate pdf files from your Sage 50 software. An update has been released to fix this issue for those of you with the 32 bit version of Windows 7. Those of you running 64 bit versions of Windows 7 […]

Sage 2010 Update 2

Attention all Sage 2010 users! Update 2 has just been released for Sage 2010. Upon application of this update you should be at version (check this in Help-About). This service pack addresses some speed issues users are encountering when creating new invoices and sales orders. At present this update is not available for automatic […]

Synergy Network Sage Support Service

Why should you consider a support contract with Synergy Network? Synergy Sage Support Service consists of the following Telephone Support on the use of Sage Software E-mail support@synergynet.ie with your query for call back on solution Remote Dial-in to your computer by Synergy Staff to resolve the issue in real time Advantages of Synergy Sage […]

Backups, Backups, Backups!

We are continuously amazed by the number of clients not taking regular backups of their data. If you should be unlucky enough to encounter system failure or data corruption, the consequences of having no reliable backup to fall back on can be quite horrific, in terms of downtime, re-input of data and the potential for errors. […]

Ada Lovelace Day

Professor Jane Grimson Today, March 24th, is Ada Lovelace Day,  an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science. Ada Lovelace is regarded as one of the world’s first computer programmers having  written the world’s first computer programmes for the Analytical Engine, a general-purpose machine that Charles Babbage had invented. I […]

Exchequer – Driving Efficiency and Cutting Costs

This week we bring you an article from Exchequer Ireland on their flagship product, Exchequer Accounting Software… 5 Ways Exchequer Accounting Software will help DRIVE EFFICIENCY and CUT COSTS In a difficult economic climate, businesses must have instant access to financial and management information, they need a system that will work for them and deliver […]