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Sage Critical Update Issue

IMPORTANT NOTICE BELOW REGARDING YOUR SAGE 50 ACCOUNTS SOFTWARE   DO NOT IGNORE In February this year,  we advised you by email about a serious Critical Update Issue affecting your older licence of Sage 50 Accounts or Sage 50Cloud Accounts Software. Sage Software UKI are making these changes in line with industry standard security protocols to […]

Sage v28.1 Read only user

You asked – they listened. Sage v28.1 now features a read only user. In Settings->User Management-> Users you can now choose to create a read only user. A read only user can still have remote access enabled and you can still control what parts of the program you want them to see. A read only […]

Sage v28.1 Remember login details

In the third blog of this series featuring the new features of Sage v28.1 we are looking at how to remember login details. Do you tire of having to remember in your logon details every time you use Sage on your own pc? In Sage v28.1 there is now a handy tick box to remember […]

Sage v28.1 Open multiple companies

Do you run multiple companies in Sage? Have you ever wished that you could work in more that one company at a time, comparing reports etc? Well now you can – in Sage v28.1 you can open more than one company at a time. The only limit is the amount of memory available on your […]

Sage v28.1 Data Management

Data Management In this blog we are looking at one of the exciting new features of Sage v28.1, data management. The functionality already exists in the software to run “Clear Audit Trail” to a certain date or to delete old customers, invoices or stock items etc. This new feature gathers all these options together in […]

Exact Online Spring 2022 New Features

We are excited to announce the Exact Online New Features for Spring 2022.   Sales Orders – print picking list direct from the Sales Order Maintain purchase price lists by period You can now maintain purchase price lists by period for all your suppliers and items. Also, when you add a new purchase price for […]

Hire Purchase Agreements and Leases

This knowledge base article seeks to unravel the mysteries of Hire Purchase agreements and Leases and how to account for them in Sage 50 accounts. To account for the financing of an asset you need to take into account whether the asset is owned from the outset or is it a rental, if unsure of […]

Sage 50 Accounts and Gmail

Many of our clients use Sage 50 accounts and Gmail. On May 30th 2022, Google change the way gmail works. For security reasons they removed the option “Allow less secure apps“. This option allowed third party software such as Sage 50 to use gmail to send invoices, statements, remittances etc. If your email integration with […]

Onion Reporting Software and Sage 50 Accounts

Struggling with Management Account Reporting? Have you ever found that some of the reports needed for your management accounts are just not available in Sage50 accounts? Do you sometimes find a report that is a near match but that you then need to export to Excel so that you can add columns and manipulate the […]

Sage Remote Access Down

What do you do if you think that Sage Remote Access is down or running really slowly? Our recommended first port of call is to check this website https://status.sage.com/ Here you will find up to date information on whether there is a problem with Sage remote access or the Sage ID service which will lead […]