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Undo Bank Reconciliation – Sage 50c Accounts

Need to undo a bank reconciliation? Perhaps you have made an error and need to unreconcile. There are two ways to do this. Restore a backup for whole reconciliation Firstly, you can restore a backup which was taken before reconciling. This is best if you want to undo the whole bank reconciliation. Be aware that […]

Colour settings in Sage 50c Accounts

It can be difficult to read a lot of information on your screen at once. In Sage 50c Accounts, it’s possible to apply colours to give your ledgers a striped effect. This makes it easier to view the data on screen. It’s not a new feature, but a very useful one. You can choose different […]

Annual VAT Return of Trading Details (RTD)

Importance of filing Annual VAT RTD All registered VAT traders are required by Regulation 24(1) of the VAT Regulations 2010 to submit an annual Return of Trader Details (VAT RTD) Form. It has recently been brought to our attention that Revenue Tax Clearance Certificates are not being issued as a result of non- filing of […]

Exact Online now hosted in Ireland

Data and services hosted in Ireland Exact Online is now hosted in Ireland, since June this Summer (2018). Amazon Web Services now hosts all data and services related to the platform.   What does it mean? Hosting data and services related to Exact Online in Ireland offers better security options like the encryption of data […]

Improvements to Sales Orders in EXACT ONLINE

See credit limits and overdue invoices when entering sales orders It’s important to know your customers’ credit limits are not being exceeded when creating a sales order. You should also know if they have outstanding invoices before proceeding. Checking this information should be effortless – that is why Exact Online has introduced a pop-up message […]

Computers for Africa

We try our best to reduce, reuse and recycle here at Synergy Network. We are therefore delighted to be able to send ten of our old (but still working) computers for reuse in Africa. These computers will contribute to the education of disadvantaged students. Camara Education This is through Camara Education, an Irish charity, who are […]

Backup to the cloud in Sage 50c Accounts

Everyone knows how important it is to back up your data – in Sage 50c Accounts you can save your scheduled backups directly to the cloud with Microsoft One Drive. Use the Backup Manager to set automatic backups at a specific time which suits you. Automatic backups will run in the background so you don’t […]

Unallocate transactions in Sage 50

Make changes It is possible to unallocate transactions in Sage 50 Accounts. This is useful if you need to edit an invoice that has been paid or credited. Furthermore, if you have allocated the wrong payment to an invoice you can easily unallocate the transaction. This feature gives you peace of mind knowing that you […]

PAYE Modernisation: significant change to payroll

What is PAYE Modernisation? PAYE Modernisation comes into effect at the beginning of 2019. It will significantly change the reporting of PAYE and will affect every employer and employee in Ireland. Every time an employer runs their payroll, they will be required under law to report pay and deductions for each employee, instead of once […]

Allocate a payment on account to an invoice in Sage 50

If you require a customer to pay upfront before generating an invoice, with Sage 50 Accounts you can easily allocate a payment to an invoice later.  Similarly, if an account has multiple outstanding invoices, you might not be sure which one is relevant at the time of payment, or you might simply be too busy […]