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product-sage-50The list of features in Sage 50 software is being continuously enhanced with each new version of the software. See the feature comparison list on the last 5 versions. (Download PDF brochure) If your business could benefit from the features in the latest version of Sage 50, please contact us to upgrade your software.

Please note that Sage now operate an end of life policy on software over 5 years old – this means that, in order to avail of attractive upgrade pricing , you will need to upgrade your software in a timely manner – for example Version 2010 users must upgrade to version 2014 before end September 2014.

If you have an old version of Sage 50, please contact us regarding your support options.

Upgrade within Sage 50 Range

Within the Sage 50 range there are 3 products as follows:

Upgrading within the range is a simple process and can be done simply with a new licence key.

This brochure describes the feature comparisons across the range (165kb)

Upgrade from Sage Instant to Sage 50

As Sage Instant is a slimmed down version of Sage 50 it is possible to upgrade from Instant to Sage 50 without losing any data or transaction history.

Additional Users

For busy offices with lots of transaction input you can have up to 2 users on both Sage 50 Accounts and Accounts Plus. You can have up to 10 users with Sage 50 Professional.

Additional Companies

Each version of Sage 50 has multi-company capabilities. Companies can be added one at a time up to 5 companies and then in batches thereafter.

Adding users or companies is a simple process and can be done simply with a new licence key.

Add-on Products

We have sourced a number of 3rd party Sage 50 add-ons which can enhance your use of Sage 50 software:

  • Direct Debit software (see more here »)
  • Batch Recorder – Batch Recorder provides additional functionality to Sage Line 50 to record Batch or Serial Numbers against stock transactions and Sales Invoices
  • Multi-location stock tool– useful for 2nd warehouse or van stock
  • Import Tools – Import Sales Orders, Sales Invoices or Purchase Orders into Sage 50 from CSV files

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.