Why choose EXACT ONLINE for professional services?

Exact Online Professional ServicesStop your profits from slipping through mistakes in time tracking and Billing and stay ahead of the competition. Exact Online Professional Services business software for time and billing and project management helps service providers deliver profitable projects and improve their service. With EXACT ONLINE everything is tied together, everything is automated and everything is under control.

Key Features

Project Management, time tracking, invoicing, accounting and CRM in one

  • Ensure Quality Through Integration
  • Protect your margins
  • Online Time tracking made easy
  • Bill Accurately

EXACT Online Professional Services

Project Scoping

Exact for Project Management lets you separate deliverables and project work into smaller components. The Work Breakdown Structure allows you to specify detailed end-to-end projects and clearly define the expected deliverables and outcomes.

Visual alerts notify you as budgets are approaching their thresholds, so you can quickly drill into the project, identify where issues are occurring and act accordingly. Because you set the budget for projects and can re-budget as client demands change, you are in greater control.

EXACT Online Professional Services

Capacity Planning & Resource Allocation

Project Managers can monitor resources through the capacity forecasts. This provides an overview of all the billable and non-billable hours planned and reserved for employees and sub-contractors, as well as absence and leave, meaning they can improve (billable) utilisation.
Activities are scheduled using simple drag and drop planning boards. These are allocated directly to the project team who use their own individual planning board to manage their delivery.

EXACT Online Professional Services

Task Management

CRM means communication and sharing within a project is simple with Exact for Project Management. You can create and assign tasks to team members, including the action required. It’s possible to link this to the account, and an individual within your team.
Once a task is created, the team member is automatically notified and can take appropriate action. It’s easy to monitor progress through their workflow.

EXACT Online Professional Services

Join the everything-as-a-service economy

Explore a new world of opportunities with Exact for Project & Subscription Management. It helps you to manage projects, subscriptions and service contracts in a single tool. It’s an outcome for IT service providers who want develop long-term customer relationships, increase revenue stream predictability and reduce revenue leakage due to over-servicing – essential for a subscription-based business.


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